What Is a Wedding Journal?

A wedding journal may hold photographs and keepsakes.
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Many couples wish to remember their wedding and the planning involved with it in a very special way. Keeping a wedding journal is one way of doing this. This memory book is similar to a scrapbook and can hold photographs and keepsakes from the reception. There can also be sections for the couple to record their feelings at various times throughout their engagement.

A wedding journal can be very simple or elaborate. Some couples choose to use a plain scrapbook and adorn it with stickers, ribbons, or other embellishments. It could also be made from a photo album or three-ring binder, with pages for photographs and others for writing notes.

Bridal stores sometimes carry books that already have sections to record certain events in. These types of journals serve a dual purpose. They help preserve memories associated with the engagement and wedding while serving as a planning tool for the bride. Many have calendars to help couples keep up with deadlines and appointments involved in the planning process.

Not only may a bride or groom record things in a wedding journal, but members of the wedding party may often do so as well. There may also be sections for parents or other family members to add their thoughts and feelings about the wedding ceremony. Some memory books could even have a space for guests to write good wishes for the newlywed couple.


A wedding journal also allows couples to save memorabilia from key events, such as bridal showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and the reception itself. Things such as napkins, invitations, and matchbooks could be preserved in this scrapbook. A flower from the bridal bouquet or other floral arrangement could be dried and added to this book as well.

Couples may want to add to their wedding journal even after the ceremony has concluded. Pages could be added to commemorate the honeymoon, buying a first home, or anniversaries. They may also want to expand the book whenever children are born.

Many couples find planning a wedding ceremony to be a hectic whirlwind event. Keeping a wedding journal is a good way to stay organized, and also record the process for their children and grandchildren. Each wedding is unique and is a reflection of the couple being married. This means a journal should likewise be unique and personal, so the manner of creating this book will depend upon the individuals involved.


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