What Is a Raised Toilet Seat?

Many toilets are made of white porcelain.
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A raised toilet seat adds extra height for those with limited mobility or who need assistance when using the toilet. It is an elevated seat that attaches to the toilet as a standard toilet seat does. Some have added features such as a safety guardrail. A raised toilet seat may also refer to a child's potty chair. The adult raised toilet seat may be available for purchase at large hardware stores, pharmacies, and medical supply stores.

There are various reasons to use a raised toilet seat. In most cases, the elevated toilet seat will accommodate a person who has difficulty utilizing a standard toilet seat. This may be due to joint stiffness, difficulty in bending the knees, or another mobility problem. This can be a practical solution for many individuals with circulatory issues.

A standard toilet seat will typically require more flexibility and cause possible stress on certain joints. Those suffering from medical afflictions such as arthritis or inflammatory conditions may have difficulty without added height. The raised toilet seat is typically designed by orthopedic experts with special needs individuals in mind. Typically, the elevated toilet seat may add anywhere from 3-6 inches (7-15 cm) of height to a toilet.


The elevation of a raised toilet seat often will accommodate the needs of a person with back or spine difficulties as well. It generally allows for less bending and stretching, as less effort is needed to dismount the seat.

Some raised toilet seats offer multi-position heights. This is helpful to accommodate various heights of individuals using the product. Most of the raised toilet seats will feature an extra thick padding for added comfort. In many models, the seat will include mounting brackets for installation.

There are models of raised toilet seats that feature easy no-tool installation. This is especially helpful for individuals who have restricted capabilities or wish to have the convenience of no assembly required. Some models feature suction cups that adhere to the floor.

The elderly and those with restricted mobility may prefer an elevated toilet seat with built-in arms. This safety feature provides added stability and protection. In most cases, these toilet seats are made of polyurethane or durable plastic material. Many of these seats feature a locking mechanism to fasten to the toilet bowl. There are more basic raised toilet seats that are less expensive.


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