What Is a Potato Burrito?

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A potato burrito is dish originating in Mexican-American cuisine and features chunks of the root vegetable and other ingredients cooked and wrapped in a tortilla. The filling is prepared, then scooped into a pre-made wheat flour patty and rolled to form a package. Potatoes are a common ingredient in burritos, as they are meaty and provide versatile flavor. Various other foods may be used in the filling as well. The soft wrapper comes in a variety of forms, with the typical potato burrito including one made from a wheat-flour dough, though other varieties exist.

A typical burrito consists of meat, vegetables, and cheese, as well as a variety of the other ingredients rolled and folded into a tortilla, usually flour. The filling is prepared, and the tortilla is heated on a griddle, either over an open flame or by some other means. A portion of the filling is placed along one side of the tortilla, which is then carefully folded with the sides tucked inward to form a pocket. The concoction is then rolled to create a cylindrical package, resembling something that an ancient Mayan would've transported with a donkey, or burro, hence the name.


The main ingredient in a potato burrito is a starchy root crop used in cuisines around the globe. The meaty, mealy texture works well for giving foods like burritos a hearty quality. It typically has a mild taste, depending on the variety, and absorb flavors well. The potato may be prepared in a variety of ways before being made into a burrito, including sauteed, roasted, or baked.

Often, a potato burrito contains one or more accompanying ingredients. Scrambled eggs are a common addition for breakfast burritos, as is cheese, which helps to bind everything together. A type of spicy sausage called chorizo, roasted chili peppers, and fixings like tomato, lettuce, and onion may also be present in the filling. A wide variety of spicy chili sauces, or salsas, are most often served with the meal.

The Spanish word tortilla refers to "small cakes" made from a variety of grains or starches, though in English, it most often describes those featuring corn or wheat. While a potato burrito may be wrapped in a corn tortilla, the wheat version is more-commonly used. This traditional Mexican-style tortilla is prepared from wheat flour-based dough kneaded and rolled into patties, which are cooked on a griddle. The tortilla is often re-heated on a griddle or open flame right before being filled with potatoes and other ingredients.


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