What is a Patio Deck?

Patio decks are typically added outside a living room or dining room.
Lag screws, which have coarse threading and a hexagonal head, can be used to secure wooden planks, such as those used for building decks.
Patio deck is an informal term that can encompass a variety of designs.
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A patio deck is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. A patio deck is a deck that is attached to the home. They are often added outside of a dining room or living room door. On nice days, the patio deck becomes an extension of the home.

The patio deck is typically made of a material that coordinates with the exterior of the home. Some people choose wood while others choose stone. Either stone or wood are available in a wide variety of looks, so it is possible that anyone can find a material that appeals to them, regardless of their tastes.

Patio deck is an informal term that can encompass a variety of designs. Some patio decks are simply a small square of wood or flat stone outside of one door. Other patio decks may involve multiple levels of decking and stairs with built in benches. Some patio decks are covered by a roof extending from the home while others are unprotected.

If you are considering the addition of a patio deck to your home there are several things to consider. Your first choice will be where the deck will be placed. You are somewhat limited in your choices by the location of doors in your home. If you have strong feelings about where you want your patio located and there is no door there, you can often replace an existing window with a door.


There is no rule for which room the deck should enter into and out of, however some rooms are better choices than others. If you plan on entertaining on your patio deck, think about if you want people entering and exiting the deck area through your mud room.

Once you have decided on a location for your deck, it is time to choose the materials that you will use. The cost of materials as well as the style of your existing home will probably have a great influence on what materials you choose for your patio deck. Before settling on the exact materials that you want, you should determine how large your deck will be so that you will have a better idea of the costs associated with the materials.

Wood decks may be made from treated lumber, teak, redwood or cedar. Stone patio decks may be made from natural stone, brick, flagstone or other composite stone choices. The selection of materials for patio decks is huge, and there is a material available to fit every budget.


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