What Is a Parasite Cleanse?

Freshly ground cloves can be used to help eliminate parasites.
A parasite clean might be facilitated by eating pumpkin seeds.
Pomegranate juice is often included in parasite cleanses.
The colon and rectum, which can contain parasites.
Drinking apple cider vinegar before meals can help with a parasite cleanse.
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A parasite cleanse is a treatment that a person undergoes to rid his body of potential or actual parasites. Cleanses are intended to counteract unhealthy lifestyles and bodies that have been made hospitable to intestinal parasites. People with unhealthy digestive systems characterized by clogged bowels and mucoid plaque buildups may also find a parasite cleanse beneficial.

Cleanses can take many forms, but many of them involve a form of cleansing diet, in which the participant ingests certain foods to help rid his system of parasites. Herbs like black walnut hull, wormwood, and cloves can be used during a parasite cleanse to attack adult worms and their eggs. It is important that these herbs be used in conjunction with each other during a cleanse because, together, they kill both mature parasites and their laid eggs.

One should heed the following tips if interested in obtaining the aforementioned herbs as part of a parasite cleanse. Black walnut hulls should be purchased while they are still green and in a tincture solution. When looking for wormwood, the source should be from a plant called Artemesia. Because Artemesia is bitter by nature, participants should purchase it in capsules. Cloves should be bought fresh and ground at home; the prepackaged cloves available in stores are often not fresh enough to be incorporated into a parasite cleanse.


Typically, participants of a parasite cleanse are asked to fast for a certain amount of time before and during the cleanse. This is so the parasites will be forced to feed off the anti-parasite herbs and foods that will be ingested. Participants are generally restricted to foods that are soft and easily digestible, such as soups and yogurt. Incorporating pumpkin seeds, cayenne pepper, garlic, cloves, cinnamon and pomegranate juice into the diet and drinking apple cider vinegar at the start of each meal may increase the success rate of a parasite cleanse. Sugar and meats are to be avoided as they can actually encourage parasites.

A parasite cleanse may take a few weeks or even a few months to complete. The sort of cleanse undertaken and its effectiveness will largely determine how much time must be invested. Once undertaken, though, it is important to continue the cleanse until the end, as prematurely ending the cleanse may result in parasites or their eggs being left in the system. Adopting an organic food diet may help keep parasites at bay after cleansing has been successfully completed.


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