What Is a Neuropeptide Facial Cream?

Neuropeptide facial cream can be a relatively inexpensive and safer way to combat sags, bags, and wrinkles than toxins or surgery. The neuropeptides in the cream are designed to interact with collagen to renew glow, strength, and elasticity of the face and body. The neuropeptide also affects the nerves of the face, making them immobile and smooth. These makers of these creams recommend they be applied daily, and the cream can be used indefinitely.

The peptide chains of amino acids that are found naturally in the human body are also found in neuropeptide facial cream. When rubbed onto the face, these peptides interact with strands of collagen proteins that are about to break down to keep them soluble and intact. The facial cream also contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the destruction of collagen.

Collagen is comprised of a type of grid that holds skin together. Collagen breaks down naturally, and damage is also caused by exposure to the sun or toxins such as smoking or alcohol. When more collagen is developed or inflammation is reduced with an anti-aging cream, skin tightens and becomes firmer and smoother.


The neuro in neuropeptide facial cream refers to a type of chemical transmitter that sends messages to skin cells. Many facial movements, such as squinting, are repeated many times over the years so that wrinkles and furrows form. When the neuropeptide facial cream is applied, a signal is sent to block the nerve that contracts that area of the face so that the muscle tightens and skin becomes more smooth.

Reviews are somewhat mixed as to the efficacy and viability of using neuropeptide facial creams. People have reportedly seen instant results in smoothing the face due to the immobility produced by the cream. Wrinkles are said to diminish and over time, and fewer signs of aging occur. Others users have reported no results. In addition, while only a small amount of the cream is needed to cover an entire face, regular use can become expensive.

On the other hand, immobility is the same concept used in Botox® treatments that are painful, invasive, and can have severe side effects. Even so, many people continue to use this treatment to fight the signs of aging. Furthermore, Botox® treatments usually last only about six months. Surgery is also invasive, expensive and risky. Neuropeptide facial cream uses natural ingredients that may produce anti-aging effects without the risks associated with other treatments.


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Post 5

I recently went to a home skin care session, and couldn't believe how much everything cost. If I would have bought just the basic set they were recommending for regular skin care, I would have been out more than $200.

Honestly, I don't know who can afford to keep using products like this. Even if they work as good as they say they do, I am not going to worry about a few wrinkles here and there.

It does make sense to me to replenish aging skin with protein and collagen, so I can see where collagen creams have a place.

I guess it just depends on where your priorities are. I am content with making sure my skin is clean and moisturized and spend the money on something else.

Post 4

I have not found any of the anti aging serums to be very inexpensive. You can expect to pay anywhere from $40 on up to $100 for a bottle.

The brand I currently use costs about $60 and lasts me right around 6 months. I figure $10 a month is not too expensive and a lot less than having any kind of surgery done.

When I put this cream around my eyes, I can feel it tighten, so know it is helping at least temporarily. I don't expect to totally get rid of the wrinkles as I age, I just want to slow down the process a little bit.

People always tell me I look younger than I am, so that is good enough for me to continue using these creams.

Post 3

@ddljohn-- I'm not sure which brand you're using but none of the neuropeptide creams I have seen are very affordable. They're actually pretty expensive.

I do have deep wrinkles, sagging and bags under my eyes and I have not really benefited from neuropeptide cream. I can't speak for all the types and brands out there, but the only thing it really did for me was to moisturize my skin well. And that might be one of the reasons it's good for fine lines and some wrinkles. But I definitely don't think that it has reduced my wrinkles enough to be worth the price I paid for it.

I would like to hear what other people have to say about this cream though. Maybe I'm using the wrong brand, I don't know.

Post 2

@simrin-- It might work similarly to botox that way, but it certainly does not cause a loss of facial expression. I've been using one for the past six months and I certainly haven't seen anything like that.

I completely agree with the article that neuropeptide cream is much better than botox and surgery. Botox is not that expensive, but it's temporary like the article said and surgery is too expensive and painful. At lease neuropeptide facial cream is something that's absorbed into the skin and works with the skin cells. Plus it's very affordable.

I love taking care of my skin and I want to look younger than my age but I prefer to do this as naturally

as I can. Since I've started using this cream, most of my fine lines have completely disappeared. I don't have deep wrinkles so I can't say anything about that; but as someone in her late thirties, I love this anti-wrinkle cream. It's working really well for me.
Post 1

Isn't it immobility that causes people to lose the ability to make face expressions?

The article mentions that neuropeptides make the skin immobile because that's how it decreases the appearance of facial wrinkles and makes the skin tighter. It also mentions that this is the same technique used in botox.

As far as I know, the main problem that people have with botox is that it takes away the ability to move one's face and you are no longer able to make expressions. In fact, many actresses have stopped using botox for this same very reason.

Will neuropeptide cream also have the same effect on the face?

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