What Is a Marketing Coordinator?

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A marketing coordinator, sometimes called a marketing communications coordinator, is a person who helps oversee the hands-on day-to-day execution of marketing plans action items. Marketing coordinators usually work under a marketing manager or marketing director, but are usually more experienced and have more responsibility than a marketing assistant, marketing associate, or an administrative assistant to the marketing department. While it is important to keep in mind that every company assigns different responsibilities to different titles, marketing coordinators generally help prepare daily deliverables from a marketing department, including proposals, brochures, market or potential client research, and events materials.

He may also help oversee changes to website content, contacts management data, marketing costs tracking, or contact management tools. A marketing coordinator may participate in planning event logistics, such as selecting site locations for seminars or conferences, or arranging for a speaker’s travel. These are all activities that are usually planned, strategized, and approved in advance as a part of the company’s overall marketing plan. In other words, marketing coordinators help accomplish the marketing plan and are a part of the tactical vs. strategic marketing workforce of a company.


This job often requires direct interaction with vendors, such as hotels, printers, web designers or graphic artists. The marketing coordinator is also usually knowledgeable about his company’s corporate visual identity and other branding standards. His responsibilities may include direct support of the marketing manager or director or of other company personnel involved with sales or marketing. He may also be responsible for a certain groupings of marketing tasks or even have a focus in working with a particular product or service line, brand, department, or geographic territory.

The marketing coordinator may be one of many coordinators and may also be responsible for some work with public relations, investor and client relations, marketing technology tools, or internal communications. This is because marketing is a discipline that is increasingly seen as useful in other departments. A marketing coordinator is not usually equivalent to a graphic artist, but he might have skill with manipulating graphics.

Professionals in this field usually have a bachelor’s degree and some work experience, even if not in marketing. He should have the ability to solve problems, work in a team, and make some independent decisions. He should also be able to work with various software programs, such as contact relationship management databases, spreadsheets, word processors, and graphics programs.


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Post 2

Comfyshoes - A web marketing coordinator sounds like such a fun job. I would rather work as an internet marketing coordinator than a field marketing coordinator.

A field marketing coordinator visits company locations to make sure that the promotions are carried out properly.

They eventually do get promoted to a marketing manager position after they have proven themselves.

It sounds like a great job but I really hate leaving the office. I rather skip the commute.

Post 1

I just wanted to say that an internet marketing coordinator also makes sure that the company’s web presence is prominent.

My nephew is a marketing sales coordinator for a major cosmetic line and he tells me all the time how he has to evaluate the company blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

He is also responsible to ensure that the web content is accurate, professional, and functional. He usually spends his time working with the programmers and copywriters to make sure the website shines.

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