What Is a Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike?

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A magnetic recumbent exercise bike is a piece of exercise equipment that is mainly designed to strengthen the cardiovascular system, and aid in weight loss and endurance training. The bike has a lower profile than traditional exercise bikes, and uses magnets to set various resistance levels. This allows the user to focus on an exercise program, rather than worrying about changing settings and whether things are working properly.

Many exercise bikes currently utilize a system of magnets to offer resistance, and the magnetic recumbent exercise bike is no different. These magnets work by applying pressure to the fly wheel, which then makes the bike more difficult to pedal. In this way, the bike can simulate going up and down hills of varying slope and distance. This helps tone muscles, along with working on cardiovascular health. Further, the magnets work very quietly, in case the user wishes to read or watch television without the noise distraction.

In addition, the magnetic recumbent exercise bike generally allows the user to change the settings with just the touch of a button, or perhaps program a workout routine ahead of time. The variation provides a complete, timed workout. The workout, however, focuses all effort on the lower body. Those wanting an overall body workout will still need to do some strength training focusing on the core and upper extremities.


The lower profile of the magnetic recumbent bike helps in a couple of different ways. Those who are on the bike for extended periods of time may find the posture to be more comfortable. Further, the bike is safer to get on and off of because there is very little chance of falling off of it, which may be more appealing to the elderly or those with limited mobility. If an exerciser was to lose his or her balance, the bike's lower profile would possibly make the fall less severe.

In order to change the resistance levels of a magnetic recumbent exercise bike or set up a pre-programmed routine, the bike needs a power source. Typically, this power source is a battery or set of batteries. The batteries power the motor that changes the setting and keeps track of the time. Some using battery power may also have a number of other popular features.

Many magnetic recumbent exercise bike models include a digital readout display. This readout allows users to keep track of a number of different benchmarks, including the time elapsed, distance traveled and speed. Many also feature a pulse bar, which allows users to place their hands on the bar and receive a pulse reading. The bar helps keep exercisers to keep within their target heart rate for maximum fat-burning potential.


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