What is a Hot Air Brush?

People who have curly or frizzy hair may benefit from using protective spray in conjunction with a hot air brush.
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Hot air brushes are a type of heated hair styling tool that is powered by electricity. Generally, they are used like a hair brush and blow dryer at the same time, thereby leaving one hand free while a person styles his or her hair. Most are made up of brush bristles on a barrel that has vents where the hot air is pushed through. The barrel typically is attached to a handle that resembles a regular hair brush with the power switch and temperature controls located on the handle. Some are even powered by batteries.

One type of hot air brush is made of chrome. It typically has a metallic barrel with a slightly rough surface. The rough surface can cause snags and break the hair. These are generally cheaper and take longer to heat up and cool down. They usually are recommended for users with healthy and undamaged hair.

Another type of hot air brush is ceramic. It has a smoother finish that reduces overheating and friction on the hair. The more advanced models have ionic heating. This type of heating conditions the hair and can prevent scorching. These types of hair brushes usually are more expensive.

The bristles on hot air brushes are typically made of either nylon or boar hair. Boar hair bristles are thought to cause less damage to the hair, while nylon bristles usually are tipped with rubber or plastic. This typically helps the brush pass easily through the hair without causing damage.


When purchasing a hot air brush, there are many things a consumer might want to consider. A good one usually will have adjustable heat settings. If a person has thick hair, a brush with a higher temperature limit could be a better choice. A person usually should choose a lower temperature if he or she has fine and limp hair, as higher temperatures can cause breakage.

The barrel size is also something a person might want to consider. A hot air brush with a wider barrel will cover larger areas at a time. The larger barrels typically are best used with long hair or for creating waves. Also, there are barrels that have removable bristles, which allow a person to choose different bristle types.

Protective sprays can be used with hot air brushes to protect hair from heat damage. If a person uses the brush daily, over time it can cause damage to the hair. The protective spray seals moisture into the hair and blocks the heat. This typically will help with frizzy hair or flyaway hair after using the hot air brush.


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