What is a Home Theater?

High Definition (HD) televisions can come in many different sizes and are generally the visual focal point in any home theater.
A home theater may have a large projection screen rather than a television to make it feel more like a movie theater.
A simple home theater system can be two speakers can be set up for traditional stereo sound, along with a smaller central speaker for surround sound.
A home theater includes video and audio components.
Home theaters may be set up for video games.
Home theaters include various combinations of high-tech TVs, video players and digital audio systems.
Home theaters may include a digital projector.
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Home theaters are defined as spaces within the home that feature audio and visual equipment that are intended to replicate the effect of watching a performance in a commercial theater setting. To this end, many home theaters include comprehensive home entertainment systems that will include wide screen televisions and a series of speakers that help to provide a higher sound quality to the viewing experience. A home theater may be set up in a residence of any size, ranging from apartments to palatial estates.

At the core of the home theater is the home entertainment system. Often, this will include the use of equipment that helps to marry the television with a sound system. Computer technology has made it much easier to design and implement a common operating platform that allows consumers to take separate stereo equipment components and align them with televisions and viewing screens to achieve the desired effect. Along with the ability to use software and connecting devices to connect the separate components, it is also possible to purchase a fully integrated system for installation.


Along with the equipment needed to successfully create the home theater, there is also the necessity of designating a specific space within the home. People may choose to convert a basement or an unused bedroom in the home to a home theater, or simply to set up the den area as a combination family room and theater for the home. Just about any space will work, which makes it possible to set up a simple home theater in even an apartment.

At the same time, many home theaters are elaborate affairs that include all the trappings of a movie theater. People have designed home theaters that include drapery panels along the walls, the ability to block out light during the presentation of a video or music performance, and include ample seating for a larger number of people to be present. In some cases, the rear section of the room housing the home theater equipment may even include a bar area where snacks can be served, or perhaps a popcorn machine to complete the full effect of going to the movies.


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