What is a High Roller?

Many high rollers frequent Las Vegas casinos.
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Generally associated with gambling, the high roller is an individual who is known to place extravagant bets on anything from craps tables to slot machines. Gamblers who are identified as high rollers are understandably popular with many gambling casinos, and often may enjoy a number of casino perks that are not available to the gambler who chooses to place smaller bets. Here are some examples of the characteristics of a high roller, as well as some of the amenities that are often afforded to individuals who routinely place large bets.

Some people may think that there is a particular body type or style of dress that will identify an individual as a high roller. There is actually no single image of the quintessential high roller. A high roller may be male or female, and may be very cultured or appear to be somewhat less educated. The mode of dress is not always a clear indication of a high roller. Some gamblers who fall into the category of high roller dress very simply, while others may wear clothing that borders on being ideal for wear in a stage production.


However, there is a common indicator among high rollers that does help them to stand out on the casino floor. High rollers tend to have an air of confidence about them, as well as a mind that is able to calculate and assimilate data at an amazing pace. Often, persons who are seen studying the game board or watching the performance of slot machine will have a sense of when to move in and place a bet. The bet will usually be a substantial one, and the motive is not always to make a lot of money. For many high rollers, the thrill of winning itself is far more important than the amount, although the high roller is not very likely to give the money back to the house.

It is not unusual for a casino to extend certain amenities to a high roller that frequents the facility. Since the high roller spends a great deal of money in the casino, the owners will often provide free food and drink while the individual is playing the games. In some instances, heavy winners may be extended a suite or room for the evening, allowing the high roller the chance to get some sleep and hopefully return the following day and make a few more large bets. This investment by the casino costs very little, and the chances for earning a great deal of money from the high roller make the effort very worthwhile. From the perspective of the high roller, there is always the consolation that even if a lot of money were lost, the high roller still got a free night’s lodging and plenty to eat and drink from the deal.


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