What Is a Hair Coloring Brush?

A hair dyeing kit.
Avoid stains on the skin by applying a thin line of petroleum jelly near the hairline.
Hair coloring brushes have a flat end for a more even dye application.
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A hair coloring brush is a tool used for applying hair dye to the hair. There are a few different designs of hair coloring brushes available. Each tends to allow a more precise application of hair dye that is evenly distributed throughout the hair, rather than simply slathering hair dye on with the hands. Using a hair coloring brush can make a home application of hair dye appear natural and professional.

The first type of hair coloring brush is similar in design to a paintbrush. These come in all different sizes, with a flat brush at the end and a long handle. The brush is then dipped into the hair dye, and is literally painted onto the hair in individual sections. When using this type of brush, it is particularly important to part the hair and divide it into even sections for application of dye, in order to cover all areas and not miss anything.

Another type of hair coloring brush is similar in design to a wide-toothed comb, but with a reservoir for holding hair dye in the handle. The reservoir is squeezed, and the hair dye comes out through the teeth of the comb. This type of coloring brush is often used for applying highlights at home, as it gives a more natural, random appearance to the streaks within different pieces of hair.


Lastly, another type of hair coloring brush looks just like a hairbrush, which again features a reservoir to fill with hair dye. The brush is then pulled through the hair much like an ordinary hair brush, depositing dye on every strand. While it may take a number of brushes to cover the entire head, this type of brush is an effective way to dye all the hair rather than just add highlights. Both of these tools with reservoirs for hair dye may be disassembled in order to be cleaned; it is generally not, however, a good idea to use the same tool for light hair dye and dark hair dye.

A hair coloring brush is just one of the tools that should be used when coloring hair at home. It is still important to wear plastic gloves to avoid staining the hands, and it may be a good idea to apply petroleum jelly to the hairline to avoid telltale staining there as well. Always follow the directions on the hair dye for the application and amount of time to leave the product on the hair; in general, it will be necessary to leave the hair dye on the roots for a longer time than on the ends for the most uniform, natural appearance.


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