What is a GrāPple®?

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The Grāpple® is pronounced like the words gray and pull. It is essentially an apple that tastes like a grape. To achieve the Grāpple's® grape taste, a Fuji apple is infused with artificial grape flavoring.

The infusion process, which is not closely defined by Grāpple® producers, involves injecting grape flavoring into the apple but does not add grape juice or extra sugar. The Grāpple® is therefore no higher in calories than a regular apple. It is also not genetically engineered or blended with grapes according to the company. It’s basically a fancy apple for those who really like grapes.

There are many people who wonder what the point of the Grāpple® is. Apples, especially Fuji apples are juicy and sweet on their own, so they really don’t require an additional grape flavoring. Grapes, too, are quite lovely on their own and don’t really need to be apple flavored. Some question the wisdom of combining the grape with an apple, and dismiss the Grāpple® as simply a fancy marketing ploy, and most likely to appeal to people who don’t care for the taste of apples but do like grapes.

At least from the Grāpple® company’s viewpoint and press releases, the Grāpple® seems to most appeal to children. It may be sold whole or used in slices in some school cafeteria programs. Of course the child who doesn’t like grapes and is not forewarned before biting into a Grāpple® slice might be disappointed.


The artificial grape flavoring in the Grāpple® may appeal to some. Yet a generation of children used to grape flavored medications may not be particularly thrilled with it. The Grāpple® does have that strong grape smell and taste common to medications like Dimetapp® and children’s Tylenol.®

Still, the Grāpple® provides a new idea and taste for those children tired of apples, or who really don’t care for them. Some have suggested the Grāpple® should use real grape flavoring instead of resorting to artificial flavors, which might in the end be more healthful. It’s a safe bet that fans of the Grāpple® and its opponents, may be grappling over this issue for years to come.


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