What Is a Flea Fogger?

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A flea fogger is a total release insecticide that is used to kill fleas within the home or any enclosed space. It consists of a pressurized can that contains a chemical mixture. The mixture is released into the air once the trigger is pressed. Flea floggers are also known as flea bombs and are used by many people as a relatively inexpensive means to getting rid of fleas without having to resort to pest control services. Once the flea bomb is triggered, all the insecticide in the can is sprayed into the surrounding area in the form of a fine mist.

Flea infestations can be extremely hard to get rid of even with frequent vacuuming and the use of nightlight traps. A flea fogger can prove quite invaluable toward solving the problem, but it must be used with caution. The fog released by the flea bomb contains poisonous chemicals that can lead to illnesses if it is improperly utilized. Anyone using a fogger must follow instructions properly and leave the place before the fogger is discharged. Using too many flea foggers for the space being treated or going back in before the minimum time period has passed can have adverse side effects on a person's health.


Mostly, flea foggers are safe to use provided the individual takes the proper precautions. It is important to close all the windows and doors in the room or rooms being treated and to shut off all electrical devices. Any surface that doesn't need to be treated can be covered up with plastic dust covers or newspapers. It is best to remove all foods and utensils and also put out any flames and pilot lights; the fog may contain flammable gases. Taking any pets outside and turning off any fish aquariums ensures their safety.

To work effectively, the flea fogger needs to be placed in the center of the space being treated. Placing the fogger on a chair or stand on top of a towel or several layers of newspaper prevents any puddles of chemical fluids from soaking the floor. Staying away for the specified time period once the flea bomb is released and opening all windows and doors for at least half an hour before occupying the space again ensures the home owners' personal safety. It is also important to wear a surgical mask when triggering the flea bomb to prevent the accidental inhalation of chemicals. Washing the floors with disinfectant and vacuuming the upholstery will remove any remnants of the insecticide in the treated space.

It is also important to use a flea fogger that not only kills fleas but also prevents their eggs from hatching. Most flea foggers contain chemicals that prevent the larvae from growing into adults. This breaks the flea's life cycle and prevents an outbreak from happening again. If the fogger being used doesn't kill the eggs, they will hatch after a while, leading to another annoying infestation. Using the right kind of flea fogger circumvents the whole issue.


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