What is a Fishing Boat?

Fishing boats are designed and used for catching fish in both salt and fresh water.
Commercial fishing boats are used for deep sea fishing excursions.
Some commercial boats are equipped with nets or traps that can catch a large number of fish at once.
Mahi-mahi, a popular type of sport fishing fish.
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A fishing boat is a vessel specifically designed and used for catching fish in various bodies of water, including fresh water and salt water. These fishing boats are crafted with specific needs of fishing in mind, such as ease of fishing, maintaining and preserving captured fish, and storing all fishing materials including poles, bait, nets, and the actual live fish themselves.

Fishing boats are constructed from a variety of durable materials, aluminum being one of the most common. Each vessel ranges in size, depth, shape, and other various on-board features. Many contemporary fishing boats have innovative features that are designed to keep both fish and bait alive and healthy. Livewells, similar to baitwells, are tanks that vary in size that can be found in many a fishing boat. These tanks, not unlike aquariums, house captured fish and bait in an oxygenated environment. They feature pumps, which allow for fresh or salt water to be re-circulated to keep the atmosphere fresh and the fish in an environment as close to their natural habitat as possible. This feature is particularly useful in "catch and release" fishing tournaments, where there are strict penalties for bringing back dead fish. These wells can hold many, many gallons of water, depending on the boat type. In some cases, smaller fishing boats may be equipped with battery-powered baitwells, which are portable and allow for ease of use in a boat with limited space.


Other fishing boat features include fishing rod, or pole, holders. These are mounts that can hold a pole when a fisherman has stepped away from his or her pole. In a recreational fishing boat, these fishing pole mounts can be removable in the event that a boat is being used for non-fishing excursions.

Generally, a fishing boat falls into two types of categories: commercial or recreational vessels. Commercial vessels, which are used to catch a substantial number of aquatic animals for the purpose of resale, are usually taken on deep-sea fishing excursions. They can be quite large boats and are equipped with professional fishing supplies. In contrast, recreational fishing boats are smaller in size and typically less equipped than their commercial counterparts. A recreational fishing boat may also be used for the purposes of joyriding, and aren't always used strictly for fishing. Another type of boat is known as a sport fishing vessel, and can be utilized for fishing tournaments and competitions.

The sport of angling, or fishing, is a multi-million dollar a year business. There are many types of fishing boats for sale or rent to fit your individual needs, whether you are the occasional angler, or expert commercial fisherman.


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Post 3

@pleonasm - It isn't that difficult to find out. If you have no one in your life who goes fishing (and you probably do, you just might not know it) then I would just hang around an area where people dock their boats and start asking questions. There will probably be marine officers or whoever the local law enforcement are out there who can weigh in on regulations and any random fisherman is going to be happy to talk about his or her catch if you don't get in their way or anything.

There are plenty of books and things out there as well and probably pamphlets on local information. The thing to remember is that a lot of not very

smart people go fishing, so the information has to be as clear as possible. As long as you are safe (wear a lifejacket! take a first aid kit!) and smart about it there's no reason to worry about being a first timer on a fishing boat.

If you're really nervous, try a couple of fishing boat charters with a captain on board and ask him or her all your questions.

Post 2

@pastanaga - I've always wanted to get a used fishing boat for that reason. Fish can be so very expensive and it's difficult to find a place on the coast and near the city that isn't already swarming with fishers.

I always thought it would be cheaper to save up and spend a couple thousand on a boat and catch my own fish, but I have no idea how to use a boat or about any of the regulations or anything like that.

Post 1

My stepfather has a sea fishing boat that he bought with about four or five of his friends and they take it in turns to take it out and go fishing. It's actually a fairly good investment, because I think he has made back the money several times over in the amount of fish he manages to catch each year. They keep a lot of it in the freezer to tide them over the winter when he doesn't like going out in the boat.

I mean, I don't think he actually bought it in order to save money, I think he just likes fishing.

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