What Is a Fierce Snake?

Rats are a common meal for the fierce snake.
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The fierce snake, also known as the inland taipan, is a type of snake that is native to Australia. Fierce snakes are normally black to brown in color with small dark specks and may grow to be as long as 8 feet (2.5 m) in length. The shade of the fierce snake might also change depending on the time of year. During the winter, fierce snakes tend to become darker so they can better absorb the heat from the sun. When summer comes, these snakes might appear lighter in color.

Fierce snakes survive on rats and other small mammals, and their numbers depend greatly on the population of these animals. In addition to small mammals, the fierce snake occasionally eats frogs and lizards. When fierce snakes kill their prey, they normally only need to strike one time because they tend to be incredibly fast and accurate when they hunt. The venom of a fierce snake is the most toxic in the world, and it only takes a small amount to kill any animal it comes across. The only other snakes that even come close to being as venomous as the fierce snake are the common brown snake and the taipan, both of which are also native to Australia.


The majority of fierce snakes can normally be found in the dry plains areas of Australia, typically around the section where the Northern Territory and Queensland meet. These snakes thrive in areas with little vegetation, and they might often be found hiding within deep cracks inside the soil. Temperatures in the plains areas of Australia during the summer can get incredibly high, and the cracks in the soil where fierce snakes often hide may give them some protection from the intense heat.

People in Australia rarely come in contact with fierce snakes because they are very shy creatures that avoid humans, and they are not typically found near residential areas. For this reason, reports of attacks by fierce snakes on humans are almost non-existent. The fierce snake is likely the most poisonous snake in the world, and it has been reported that one drop of venom from a fierce snake might be enough to kill 100 men. Even though fierce snakes are not considered to be endangered, they cannot survive without the presence of small mammals, particularly rats. When the rat population takes a hit, many fierce snakes die from a lack of food.


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