What Is a Dual Head Video Card?

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A dual head video card is a type of computer device that allows more than one display device, such as a monitor or television, to be used as visual outputs for a computer. This type of video card is often used in setting up a dual monitor system, where the work area of a computer is displayed across two monitors. Multiple monitor setups can also be achieved by using two or more separate video cards, however, so dual head cards are only one way to create this effect. A dual head video card can also be used to display the same images on two different monitors, which is often used for training or presentations.

The use of more than one monitor while working on a computer has become increasingly common in computer programming and business. A dual head video card is simply a specific type of video card, which is a device that allows one or more display devices to be connected to a computer. Dual head video cards, however, allow two display devices, such as two monitors or a monitor and a television, to be connected to a single computer. One of the most common uses of this type of setup is to allow a user of a single computer to effectively double the usable work area of the computer. This allows one program to be displayed on each screen, and for a person to easily navigate between them.


This type of set up typically allows for better time management and more effective computer multitasking. Sometimes more than two monitors can be used, and some financial analysts will often work with four or more screens, each one displaying different information, to more effectively observe changing money markets and financial data. The use of a dual head video card can often make this type of set up easier to achieve, though multiple video cards can also be used.

Another common use of more than one display device with a dual head video card is for each device to show the same video output. This allows a person to sit at a computer and view a monitor, while what he or she is doing is also being displayed on a larger television screen or projected image for others to watch. Presentations and training can be more easily accomplished through the use of a dual head video card and this type of display setup.


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