What is a Community Pancake Breakfast?

Santa often shows up yearly at Santa Claus community pancake breakfasts.
Bacon is often served at a community pancake breakfast.
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A community pancake breakfast is just what it sounds like -- a breakfast that features pancakes for the whole community. Community pancake breakfasts are often held at community centers and churches. A community pancake breakfast is usually either held to celebrate an occasion or holiday and/or is held as a fund raiser.

Santa Claus community pancake breakfasts are popular during the Christmas holidays in many areas in the United States during the holidays. Families in the community are invited to take part and Santa shows up during the event. A canned food drive or cash donations for Christmas charities may be a part of the event.

Some community pancake breakfasts are held to raise money for a specific reason such as for people in the community that were involved in a fire in their homes and lost most of their possessions. These types of breakfasts may charge an affordable flat rate per breakfast rather than collecting donations of unspecified amounts.

Mother's Day and Father's Day are other popular occasions to hold a community pancake breakfast. This way, family can go out for an affordable breakfast and no one has to cook. Community pancake breakfasts may include children's coloring activities or other activities for children. Since these breakfasts are aimed at each member of the community, many community pancake breakfasts allow children under a certain age such as two to eat free. Discount breakfast rates are usually available for seniors.


A community pancake breakfast may be held by a group such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts or by a service club such as Kiwanis. Some community pancake breakfasts are part of another event such as a rodeo. The breakfast may be included in the price of the event or the event may be included in the price of the breakfast. If the breakfast is held for fund raising or promotional reasons, a radio station may be set up to create more publicity for the event.

Volunteers help out at most community pancake breakfasts. Volunteer areas needed are usually cooking, serving, clean up and garbage pick up. Sausages or bacon and orange or apple juice are often served along with the pancakes. A local grocery store may donate items such as pancake mix, syrup and sausage or bacon for a community pancake breakfast.


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