What is a Bluetooth® Laptop?

Bluetooth connectivity may be added to a laptop with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) device.
With a Bluetooth connection, laptops can be easily connected to printers.
With a Bluetooth connection, laptops can be easily connected to digital cameras.
A Bluetooth laptop can connect to the internet via a user's Bluetooth cell phone.
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Bluetooth® technology allows users to connect different gadgets wirelessly. Bluetooth® laptops are laptops that are have a Bluetooth® wireless card either built in or added on. Bluetooth® technology allows these laptops to connect instantly to other Bluetooth® enabled products around the home or office.

Bluetooth® uses short radio wave frequencies to send and receive information. This is similar to how garage door openers and baby monitors work. To avoid interfering with other devices that use radio waves, Bluetooth® signals are very weak. Although this stops any interference, it limits how far a Bluetooth® signal can travel. Products have to be within thirty-two feet (approximately ten meters) in order to pick up a signal. Bluetooth® can connect up to eight products simultaneously, without interference between them. This is because Bluetooth® makes use of frequency hopping. The frequency used between the items changes constantly, through seventy-nine possible frequencies.

A Bluetooth® laptop will come with the full range of features found in non-Bluetooth® laptops. They range in price, available features, and processor speeds. The only difference is that they have a Bluetooth® adapter, either built in or added on. Laptops can be bought with Bluetooth® connectivity already installed, or it can be added with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) device.


With a Bluetooth® connection, laptops can be easily connected to printers, digital cameras, cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), headsets, and gaming controls. Information can also be easily sent from one Bluetooth® laptop to another, without wires or a network connection. Laptops can also be linked to medical equipment, allowing doctors to monitor a patient’s condition remotely.

A Bluetooth® laptop can connect to the internet through the user’s Bluetooth® cell phone. Because the cell phones can access the web, a laptop can connect and access the web the same way. Some wireless hotspots, such as hospitals, are also using Bluetooth® connections for their networks. A broadband connection can also be used.

Being able to wirelessly sync your laptop to other wireless devices is one of the big selling points of a Bluetooth® laptop. Transferring data from one gadget to the other, quickly and using very little energy, makes Bluetooth® great for setting up a small network, either at home or at the office.



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Thanks Wisegeek. I often refer to your articles and am slowly becoming 'tech-literate'.

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@ Aplenty- Bluetooth technology is also spilling into the sports, health, and fitness world. There are devices that record health or training information like heart rates, speed and acceleration, and then send this information wirelessly to a nearby computer.

Video game consoles also use Bluetooth technology. The Wii fit games that have become so popular transfer all of their information to the console through a Bluetooth connection. other consoles also use Bluetooth technology to connect game controllers to consoles. Virtually any device that has a USB outlet can become a Bluetooth device by plugging in a Bluetooth USB adapter and loading the software.

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Bluetooth technology is spilling over into almost every electronic device. There are televisions, cameras, phones, printers, and home audio systems that are Bluetooth enabled. Imagine the possibilities. You can take pictures and video on your phone, send them to your television and Bluetooth wireless laptop to view and archive, listen to your computers song library, and print the pictures you like, all without wires.

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