What Equipment is Needed for Rock Climbing?

The basic equipment for rock climbing is webbing and rope.
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Rock climbing is a very popular sport that attracts enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Because rock climbing requires people to ascend steep mountains and rock formations, specialized equipment must be used. The basic equipment consists of rope and webbing.

Climbing ropes can be dynamic or static, which refers to amount of elasticity. Rock climbing ropes are usually multicolored and made of twisted fibers covered with a protective layer. Webbing refers to a specific type of flat rope used mostly as anchor extension and in harnesses.

Other rock climbing essentials include:


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This is a great article that outlines the rock climbing gear needed to make your excursion fun and safe. Once you learn to rock climb, gather the gear you will need, and get some friends together, there are many exciting rock climbing vacations available throughout the country that will allow you to fully enjoy this unique hobby.

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