What Does an ADD Specialist Do?

ADD specialists might come up with ideas for children to stay focused during school hours.
Children with ADD may be more prone to throwing temper tantrums.
Unteated vision problems in children can elicit many of the same signs commonly attributed to ADHD.
Specialists who work with children diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) need to have excellent communications skills and a good rapport with young people.
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An ADD specialist focuses on helping individuals, whether adult or child, find specific ways in which they can learn and experience the world around them. Testing a child or an adult who has ADD on how he or she learns can be accomplished by an ADHD or ADD specialist by attempting different teaching modalities and techniques. Some specialists who work with ADD individuals practice relaxation techniques or guided visualization to help promote relaxation in times of stress or hyperactivity. Many ADD specialists often include parents or family member in sessions to help them know how to successfully cope with their loved one's ADD and ADHD symptoms appropriately.

When an adult or child has ADD, it can often be difficult for him or her to concentrate on a specific task without experiencing an intrusive thought or a bout of hyperactivity. An ADD specialist will often find ways for an individual to learn according to his or her unique capabilities and use certain aspects of the disorder to his or her advantage. Teaching an ADD patient to imagine a story while learning a specific task or problem may be helpful for those with a high level of imagination. Making a song about the problem, with a solution to the problem at the end of the song, is another example.


More often than not, a person with ADD or ADHD may experience occasional mood swings, tantrums or high levels of excitability or activity. An ADD specialist can often help bring down this hyperactivity by teaching an ADD child or adult basic relaxation techniques. This can result in less stress and more productivity and learning. Deep breathing exercises, meditation and guided imagery are only a few ways an ADD specialist can accomplish this task.

It is important for an ADD specialist to include a parent or other family member in some sessions to teach him or her how to effectively use these techniques at home or in everyday life. A parent or family member should be taught basic relaxation techniques, as well as unique techniques that can help the individual overcome a problem. Many ADD specialists can also act as a counselor to individuals, providing a therapeutic outlet for ADD patients. Art therapy and family therapy are also popular aspects of an ADD specialist's practice, as they can help bridge communication and understanding between family members and the child or adult with ADD.



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