What does a TV News Reporter do?

TV reporters may comment on footage of live events that is being filmed from their station's helicopter.
TV news reporters are often sent to crime scenes to collect breaking information about investigations.
Interviewing people is something that most television news reporters do almost daily.
A television news report writes and delivers compelling stories about a community.
TV news reporters may report updates regarding a local trial.
TV news reporters may sit in on government meetings to deliver highlights to viewers.
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The main objective for a TV news reporter is to deliver stories that are of interest to the show's viewers. TV reporting jobs are extremely competitive; the reporters who understand how to present relevant stories that interest and inform viewers have the best chance of getting hired. TV reporters find and investigate news in their community as well as write and deliver compelling news stories.

Some TV news reporters specialize in stories on a certain topic such as crime or politics. They may also specialize in human interest pieces that are used to fill in spots in the program when there isn’t other local news to report. A human interest story could be anything involving people in the community, such as tenants fighting eviction by a landlord who wants to renovate the building and increase rents. Television news reporters also report on local events, such as fairs and festivals. Some TV news reporters are correspondents who cover worldwide events, such as the Olympic Games.

A TV reporter often spends a lot of time getting ideas for stories. Investigating community happenings and interviewing people is something that most television news reports do almost daily. People who hope to become TV news reporters must have excellent communication skills in dealing with people. Good listening skills and getting accurate information are also important.


Television news reporters must always meet deadlines when creating a written presentation to read on the air. Some TV reporters work with other journalists to prepare and present television stories to viewers. A TV reporter must always be sure his or her stories meet broadcast regulations as well as standards set by each news channel.

Television news reporters must always maintain professional journalistic standards by presenting stories with honesty and integrity. A TV news reporter who reports live must be able to work well under pressure and chaos. For example, reporters at the scene of a fire must speak loudly over wailing sirens and interview people who are likely to be panicky or upset. TV news reporters communicate with many people from children at a school fundraiser to celebrities or high-ranking political figures.


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For those who are interested in pursuing a career as a TV news reporter, besides pursuing formal education, are there any ways you can try this profession out as a student?

I know there are some community news cable channels that take volunteers, but is this experience really a true sampling of what a TV news reporter does? Has anyone ever volunteered to do this kind of work?

Post 2

I studied broadcast journalism in college and there is a lot that goes into making great news broadcast as a TV news reporter.

Before you ever leave your studio with your camera or crew, you must makes sure you have a good, concise script as most pieces are only from 90 seconds to 3 minutes long.

You must figure out in advance what kind of people you would like to interview and what scenes you need to capture to get your message across.

While some TV news reporting is live, the majority has a great deal of planning put into it.

Once a reporter returns from the field, they often have to sit down and edit their footage. While larger networks may employ people to do this, it is often part of the TV news reporter's job to complete their story from start to finish.

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Thanks for this. It helped me a lot.

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