What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

A marketing manager in a meeting.
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Marketing managers are responsible for overseeing a company or organization’s marketing department. With the help of a marketing manager, a company can come up with a decisive plan that allows them to bring in the customers and revenue needed for success. Marketing mangers are truly an integral part of a company, and a company might have a difficult time getting and retaining business without such a manager.

Marketing managers are responsible for employing strategies and tips that can help bring in customers. They must use their creativity to develop marketing campaigns that will target a company’s customer base. Developing a good campaign requires the marketing manager to understand the company’s customer base. Marketing managers are often in charge of conducting surveys and research to help companies better understand the needs of the customer. The manager is also responsible for helping a company fulfill those needs.

The primary duty of the marketing managers’ job is to oversee various company departments. These departments typically include advertising departments, sales departments and public relations departments. A marketing manager must be able to juggle various aspects of marketing and offer managerial support to employees in various marketing roles. The manager is often in charge of hiring and training marketing and sales staff, as well as administering the job duties.


Some marketing managers deal with various financial aspects of a business. For example, the manager may be involved with the development of budgets and expenditures that pertain to the products or services that a company sells. Public relations are also high on the list for the marketing manager's daily duties. Public relations deals with a company's reputation, and the manager must have a knack for making the company look good. Companies that deal with negative media exposure often use marketing managers to help them clean up their image.

Marketing managers must have numerous skills, such as creativity. In addition to creativity, marketing managers must also have strong analytical skills. The manager must be able to analyze current trends and forecast needed marketing changes.

In addition to analyzing clients, marketing managers must also have the ability to analyze a company’s competition. The manager must determine how to outperform and outsmart competitors. Overall, marketing managers help companies increase sales by ensuring that companies are targeting the right demographic. Once the appropriate demographic is targeted, the marketing manager uses various techniques to convince potential customers to buy a particular product or service.


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I am an online marketing manager. I got a degree in electronic marketing before entering the field. I went on to get an advanced degree in computer software and hardware to make myself even more valuable to employers in this area.

I work a lot with pay-per-click advertising. I also work on websites to optimize content to build better exposure. I have also helped companies get involved in the world of free marketing on social networking sites. It helps reach a demographic that they might otherwise miss.

I enjoy working independently and really like working on the computer. A career as an online marketing manager has been perfect for me.

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When I was going to school for my business degree, I considered getting into marketing management. I liked the variety of marketing management jobs that were available. Since virtually any business can benefit from having a marketing management, I felt like the opportunities were wide open.

I was mostly interested in advertising and sales. It seemed like a creative way to work in the business field while gaining management experience. I ended up working for a local business as an accountant and office manager, but I am planning on taking a few more classes and getting in to a career in marketing management instead.

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