What Does a Condominium Manager Do?

Some condominium managers are responsible for the proper disposal of trash.
A condo lease agreement.
A condominium manager may decide how units will be divided within a building that has been converted from use as an apartment.
One of the responsibilities of condominium managers is to take care of the parking lots of a condominium complex.
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A condominium manager takes care of the residential units, landscaping, parking lots and common areas of a condominium complex. He may be in charge of a small or large condominium community. Some managers in this position receive a salary and others do the job in exchange for a free housing unit in the complex.

The governing structure of a condominium complex is normally comprised of a board of directors or homeowners’ association made up of community members. This group is normally voted in by other members of the community. They generally meet on a monthly basis to discuss property management and tenant relations issues. The condominium manager normally carries out the wishes of this board at their discretion. He also customarily takes notes on these meetings and later distributes them to the members.

Condominium owners typically pay monthly, semi-annual or annual dues to the homeowners’ association. These dues are typically collected by and managed by the condominium manager. These funds are ordinarily allocated to vendors and contractors to maintain the building and its surroundings. If the fees need to be increased to cover rising maintenance costs, the manager ordinarily has to have the fee increase approved by a board vote.


The condominium manager is customarily enlisted by the board with the responsibility of choosing and contracting the best maintenance and service providers. These contractors are generally hired to control pests, maintain the landscaping and pool, collect trash and repair structures and large appliances. If the quality of the work is ever questioned, the issue is normally discussed by the board and the manager and subsequent actions are put to a vote.

Issues involving tenant relations are usually presented to the condominium manager for his input and resolution. These matters frequently concern noise complaints, parking space violations and personal disputes. In cases where eviction may be an option, the board normally votes on the proposed action and the manager may be required to cast the tie-breaking vote.

A person with this job is typically required to be a good record keeper. He is normally expected to keep files of all meeting minutes as well as copies of all work orders and invoices he receives for property maintenance and repairs. Required legal documents and licenses that relate to the homeowners’ association and the property are usually maintained and updated by the condominium manager.

There are normally no educational requirements for this position. Good communication skills are generally considered an asset for the job. Background in residential or commercial property management is often preferred for condominium job applicants. A bachelor's degree in business or real estate management may offer a candidate an edge over other applicants.



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