What Are the Signs of a Narcissistic Son?

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One of the most common signs of a narcissistic son is an exaggerated sense of his own importance. With this kind of disorder, a son may feel as if he is more important than anyone else, and he may insist on being treated that way. Another sign of narcissism is a lack of empathy or an inability to identify with the needs and feelings of others. A narcissistic person often feels envious of other individuals or may feel that others envy them.

Narcissism is often called narcissistic personality disorder or NPD. It is thought to be closely related to borderline personality disorder, although the two are different. This particular disorder is often characterized by an extreme interest in oneself, especially in regards to physical appearance. Many who suffer from this disorder have a difficult time maintaining relationships and being a part of normal, everyday life. Often, they have few or no friends and find it hard to attend school.

Most narcissists seem stable and confident in themselves. In reality though, they are generally insecure and have low self-esteem. Any criticism or critique to their actions or behaviors will generally cause them to break down and display odd and extreme behavior.


Some of the signs of a narcissistic son are jealousy and controlling behavior. The boy may want to know what others in his life are doing at all times and may wish to dictate what family members can and cannot do. He may walk around believing that the world revolves around him.

Those with this disorder may become angry very easily if their needs are not satisfied when they want them to be. They may display unexplainable violent behavior to those who do not give them the attention they are searching for. Although others may see this behavior and attempt to correct it, one of the signs of a narcissistic son is he will not take the blame for this type of outburst; the blame will usually be shifted to the person refusing to give the wanted attention.

Narcissistic personality disorder can be very difficult and detrimental to a family. The family of a narcissistic son will often appear normal to the outside world. The son may be very charming and well-behaved when outside of the home, but in the comfort of his family, he will show his true colors. A narcissistic son can have a strong impact on his siblings, making them feel inadequate and worthless.

This personality disorder is generally treated with psychotherapy, for both the narcissist and his family. Cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, and family therapy are all typically used. If the narcissist displays signs of depression or anxiety, medications may be prescribed to help.


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