What Are the Pros and Cons of Painting Cement Floors?

Supplies for painting.
Paint can be used to cover up cracks on cement floors.
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An unpainted cement floor often can be made more attractive with a few coats of paint, which is why this is frequently considered a beneficial home upgrade. This is especially true when the space will be used as more than just a place to park a car or store belongings. Not only does this usually make the floor nice to look at, but it also can hide imperfections, such as stains and cracks. Before painting cement floors, though, homeowners usually are advised to consider hiring a professional to do the job, which can add to the expense.

Painting cement floors can be a simple way to improve the look so the floor does not look as plain. This can be especially appealing when the area will be used as a bedroom, office or den that will be used often, rather just a garage or unfinished basement. Applying paint can allow homeowners to customize the surface the way they want it to look. An added bonus is that the improved floor appearance also may appeal to potential home buyers when the house is on the market, because it often is considered an attractive upgrade.


Another benefit of painting cement floors is that the color often can hide imperfections in the surface. For example, it can make current stains harder to see, especially if the paint color is dark. It also may prevent future stains, which can be especially helpful for families who expect to have small children or pets in the area. In the event that a light color is selected from the many paint choices available and a stain does appear on the surface, it often can be cleaned up easier than it would be on a carpeted cement floor. In addition, any cracks in the cement might be able to be covered up with paint, allowing homeowners to skip filling the crack with another material.

While painting cement floors generally is considered beneficial, the main drawback is that it is not typically easy for the average homeowner to do alone. The floor often has to be prepared, which means it should be free of moisture, grease and surface bumps. In some cases the floor needs an acid etch to prevent peeling and chipping paint, and this often needs to be performed by a professional to avoid the health risks that come with the process. Once the paint is applied to the surface, a sealer usually should be added over it, which can make painting cement floors a complicated job that may take days to complete. For this reason, homeowners usually are encouraged to hire a professional to paint their concrete floor, which means this home upgrade tends to cost more than just the price of paint.


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