What Are the Pros and Cons of a Corn Snake as a Pet?

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As with most any animal that can be kept as a pet, having a corn snake as a pet has both positive and negative aspects. Some good things about pet corn snakes are they are easy to care for, not poisonous, and are generally healthy. Negative aspects to having a corn snake as a pet include the fact that they may escape easily, are not legal to own in certain places, and can cost a good deal of money in terms of equipment and food.

Having a corn snake as a pet has many pros. Corn snakes are normally submissive and calm in temperament. Owners of corn snakes can play with them and hold them without fear because of their peaceful nature. They do not grow to be tremendously large, as some snakes do. These snakes also have colorful patterns that keep them interesting.

Corn snakes are not poisonous, which may be a relief to those who have a fear of being bitten by venomous snakes. They also do not eat as often as some snakes do. Babies eat every three to seven days, while average adult corn snakes eat every seven to 10 days. If corn snakes are cared for properly, they are generally healthy and may never need to see a veterinarian, which is another reason to choose them as a pet.


There are a few cons associated with having a corn snake as a pet. One negative is that they can easily find ways to escape, meaning they require an escape-proof enclosure in which to live. Proper equipment, such as a terrarium, and the ongoing cost of food can be expensive when caring for a corn snake. They eat mice and similar animals, so their food can cost a great deal of money over time and can be difficult to keep, as well. A final potential difficulty associated with corn snakes is that they may not be legal to own, thanks to bans against exotic pets in some areas.

Corn snakes are popular as pets. Among the many different breeds of snakes that people can choose to keep as pets, corn snakes often prove easy and rewarding to have as a pet. Their positive temperament and ease of care may outweigh the negatives of owning and caring for them. Many people have been satisfied with their experiences owing and caring for pet corn snakes.


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