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anon991636 Why Do People Stick out Their Pinky Finger When They Drink? Why do people still do it...that's what I want to
amypollick What is the War of Northern Aggression? @anon991615: It passed through both houses of Cong
anon991634 What is Jaggery? Jaggery is unrefined sugar from the sugar cane pla
anon991633 What is a Cheek Retractor? Cheek retractors are also used by orthodontists du
anon991632 What Is Hajmola? Pretty sure they don't lead to any diseases. But i
anon991630 How Pampered Is Queen Elizabeth II? Whether or not the UK retains its monarchy and roy
anon991629 How Pampered Is Queen Elizabeth II? No way. It serves its purpose well. The nation gai
anon991626 What is the Difference Between Orthodox and Reform Judaism? The Reform movement surfaced in Germany before the
anon991625 What are the Effects of Taking Ibuprofen in Pregnancy? I had a cracked wisdom tooth in my first trimester
anon991624 What are the Most Common Turmeric Side Effects? The side effect is kidney stones if you take a lot
inkcognito How Pampered Is Queen Elizabeth II? Now, here is a prime example on how to waste taxpa
anon991619 Can We Store Electricity from Lightning? Lightning does strike certain trees very often. It
anon991617 What Are the Most Common Forskolin Side Effects? I too am getting the swamp mud - diarrhea. I was t
anon991616 What is the Difference Between an Eastern King and a California King Size Mattress? Can you use a California king bed frame for an Eas
anon991615 What is the War of Northern Aggression? The Corwin amendment passed in 1861 and in the pro
anon991614 What is SSI? Listen, the system is broke. I am closer to 100 ye
anon991613 What Are the Best Tips for Coping with Narcissism? I think that everyone is a little narcissistic, bu
anon991612 How Pampered Is Queen Elizabeth II? Disgraceful in a world with starving people. What
anon991611 What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Peroxide for Mouthwash? Hydrogen peroxide is great! It kills bad bacteria
anon991607 What is a Vaginectomy? Bit weird that the image illustrating sex reassign
abdul244 What Are Common Causes of Semen in Urine? Does seeing semen in urine cause any damage to a p
anon991605 Is There a Cure for Tinnitus? I have had tinnitus for nearly two years. Overall,
anon991604 How do I Remove Condensation from Double Paned Windows? I had the same problem and found a cheap DIY kit t
anon991600 What Are the Signs of a Narcissistic Wife? @anon991390: Get out now. And this "being the
anon991599 What Is a Left-Handed Violin? I'm a left-handed professional violinist and I pla
anon991598 What Are the Symptoms of Attachment Disorder? After great deal of reading on the subject, I am c
anon991596 What is Acacia Wood? If the sun was making black people then why aren't
anon991595 What is Acrylic Fabric? If I had a reaction to acrylic clothing, how will
anon991591 What Are the Signs of Narcissism in Men? Unfortunately, I became involved with a narcissist
anon991590 What is Cardiac Ultrasound? I recently had an echo exam and since then I've ha