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anon991112 How Do I Become a Maritime Pilot? All you need to do is have family members that are
anon991111 How Can I Get House Sitting Jobs? I'm looking for a house sitting job in certain cou
anon991109 Is the Universe Expanding? The universe is not expanding. Those who say it is
anon991103 What Are the Pros and Cons of Keeping a Pet Sloth? Exotic pets should not be allowed. It's ridiculous
anon991101 What Is Myopractic Muscle Therapy? Myo this and myo-that. They all merge together and
anon991096 What Is the Luck of the Irish? Nearby Irish says, the luck of the Irish reminds u
anon991094 What Should I Know about Caring for Irish Twins? This is a totally bogus article. I am a full time
anon991093 What Is the Difference between Blue and White Collar? I agree, but the white collar has potential to con
Kumo What Causes Spindle Cell Sarcoma? I had a large spindle cell tumor removed from my p
anon991090 What Is a Photo Consent Form? I have a question. I have the consent forms for ou
anon991088 What Are the Common Causes of Brown Saliva? Just this morning I had brown, thick saliva in my
anon991087 What Is Considered a High IQ? I never considered my IQ of 149 to be anything spe
anon991086 What Are the Different Types of Worms? I found little black worms coming through my carpe
anon991085 What Is the Rate of Reaction? Ok, I am literally doing the report for that exper
anon991081 What Is a Precancerous Polyp? I am a 51 year old relatively healthy female, I al
tshay6398 What Causes Swelling? I too, have swelling everywhere I have a joint. A
anon991078 Is There Cyrillic or Greek Alphabet Soup? "Companies that make this type of commercial
anon991077 What Is Eyebrow Alopecia? I've had this problem for years, I am a man. Also,
anon991075 What Are the Signs of a Narcissistic Wife? Wow, my brother is married to a narc, and I think
anon991074 What Is a Renaissance Man? Lorenzo de Medici was an exceptional example of a
anon991072 How Do I Choose the Best Men's Shower Gel? I use ToppCock All-In-One shower gel. It's formula
anon991071 What Is a Google Slap? Carol, I don't know if I was led here by providenc
anon991070 What Are the Different Types of Outsourcing Services? The explanation given by GreenWeaver as being the
anon991069 What Is an Identified Patient? Oh, relax. Therapy helped me. Some people need out
anon991067 What Is Reckless Endangerment? Would a county holding a public event that is know
anon991063 What Is the Hashashin? During that time, Shia people were minorities unde
anon991062 What Is the Average Emphysema Life Expectancy? Reading some of this article has me depressed now.
anon991059 What Percent of the US Population Do Teachers Comprise? Even including the college positions, which I thin
anon991057 What Can I Do about Being Underweight? I am 18 years old and I have faced an underweight
anon991056 What Is the Fashion Industry? The fashion industry has ignored women over 50 for