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anon996224 What Are the Signs of a Narcissistic Father? At age ten I knew something wasn't right about my
anon996223 What Foods Contain Natural Statins? I tried a strictly vegan diet for three months whe
anon996219 What is a Curved Spine? I found out a week ago my spine is a little curve
anon996218 What is a Salt Lamp? Does any one know if Himalayan salt lamps put Iodi
anon996216 What is Jojoba Butter? Grade A Jojoba butter should smell like nuts.
anon996213 What Are the Most Common Forskolin Side Effects? In addition to what I said earlier, the only probl
anon996212 What Are the Most Common Forskolin Side Effects? I've taken forskolin 250mg for four consecutive da
anon996211 What are the Treatments for Nerve Damage in the Knee? My godmother had total knee replacement surgery an
anon996210 What are the Symptoms of Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Adults? My granddaughter is the poster child for ODD. Too
anon996209 Have Science and Religion Always Been at Odds? Hello 'universal' readers,Personally I think that
anon996206 What Is Chicken Almond Ding? Chicken Almond Ding is clearly an Americanized Chi
anon996205 What is Zeroscaping? "Zeroscaping" is usually a misnomer, com
anon996203 What is Xylose? Xylitol stinks. Too much can cause an extreme amou
anon996202 What is a False Vocal Cord? Sporkasia, If your saying that at one time, in the
anon996201 What is Potable Water? We can even get tablets from the market for purify
anon996199 What is a Poop Deck? Poupe in French is stern in English; poupee in Fre
anon996198 What is a Yellow Watermelon? I had never heard of a yellow watermelon. Imagine
anon996197 What Is Social Retardation? It has affected my everyday life and I've lost job
anon996196 What Should You Do If You See a Pet Stuck in a Hot Car? Just three states have these bills? Why don't they
anon996193 How Effective Is Tamsulosin for Kidney Stones? I'm a woman, and my doctor prescribed tamsulosin f
anon996191 What is Involved in Penile Transplant Surgery? Hello my name is Allen and my body has been throug
anon996190 What is the Difference Between Thrush and Yeast Infection? Wow, so my daughter who has never been pregnant, l
David84 What are Go-Karts? I have driven go karts that reach 50MPH and it tak
David84 What is a Roller Coaster? I have to say roller coasters are amazing. I like
David84 Are Roller Coasters Really Dangerous? I don't think they are that dangerous.
anon996186 What Is a Prostate Orgasm? Pretty good info and comments here, guys! I'm abso
anon996185 What are Vacuum Circuit Breakers? How exactly does metal vapour produced during arci
anon996182 What Is Crime Fiction? I like Sherlock Holmes a lot better than most bori
anon996181 Why do my Legs get Itchy When I Walk? This feels great to read so many comments from oth
anon996180 What is the Hum? I live near Milan, Italy, Europe. I've been hearin