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anon993569 What are the Different Uses of Lidocaine Cream? Lidocaine is very poorly absorbed through intact s
anon993568 What Is Buffered Lidocaine? Buffered lidocaine typically contains 0.84 percent
anon993567 What Unusual Product Can Be Made with Peanut Oil? You can use a steel container such as a Freon cyli
anon993564 Why do People Say "No Problem" in Response to "Thank You"? I always found the "no problem" response
SeanH What are the Sebaceous Glands of the Penis? I used to be freaked out by these glands, but afte
anon993560 How do I Regrow Eyelashes? Yes, it is scary to see that every day you lose ey
anon993559 What Is Clitoris Enlargement? I have been a widow for a year and desperately mis
anon993558 What does a Prosecuting Attorney do? Being a prosecuting attorney, in my opinion, is th
anon993556 Do All Turkeys Gobble? @Beachgirl: no.
anon993554 What is the Difference Between Oxycodone and Morphine? I've broken my back three times and have several s
anon993551 What Are the Benefits of Castor Oil for the Face? I only knew of castor oil as a laxative. This is v
zenme2 What Unusual Product Can Be Made with Peanut Oil? I have several gallons of peanut oil looking for s
anon993548 What Unusual Product Can Be Made with Peanut Oil? That was an interesting article.You never know wha
anon993546 What are the Causes of Jaw Pain? I have had right jaw pain for the past six months.
anon993539 What is Calcium Pyruvate? This article completely misses the science. Pyruva
anon993538 Is Laser Eye Surgery Dangerous? The risk is probably closer to 20 percent or above
anon993537 How can I get a Stuck Ring off of my Finger? For some unknown reason, I decided to try on my ol
anon993535 What is the Median Income Worldwide? The solution to world poverty is not to distribute
anon993534 What are the Different Types of Judicial Philosophy? This is incorrect. Judicial philosophy is activis
anon993533 How Long Would It Take to Fall through a Tunnel from One Side of the Earth to the Other? Well, I submit that yes, you would start by being
anon993532 How Long Would It Take to Fall through a Tunnel from One Side of the Earth to the Other? @anon993472: Assuming gravity was where? The surfa
anon993531 Why do Some People Have Trouble Showing Affection? @anon993496: Hey, Sarah here. It is so hard. I str
anon993530 How Many Cigarettes are Produced Each Year? "Let people do what they want. It's nobody's
anon993529 What is the Difference Between Natural Rights and Legal Rights? Who wrote this crap about rights given to us by th
anon993528 What is Lumbar Spondylosis? After reading everyone's stories I must say I have
anon993526 What are the Long-Term Effects of Methadone? As a male who has been on Methadone for about ten
NorwayAtHome What is a Bunad? There are a few portions of this article that miss
anon993524 Is Women's Clothing Getting Bigger? There is a very good reason for that - people in g
anon993523 What are the Dangers of Gas Huffing? I used to huff gas when I was about 7-8 years old.
anon993522 What are Reflex Actions? Are sleeping and shivering reflex actions?