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anon997743 What Are the Signs of an Allergic Reaction to Vitamins? I started just this past Friday (its now Tuesday)
anon997742 What is a Management Letter? You get what you pay for.
raypace What is an Elevated Hemidiaphragm? I am a 62 year old angioplasty patient which was p
anon997735 Who Are the Members of the Illuminati? People don't be blind please. This is the 21st cen
anon997734 What is Acute Myeloid Leukemia? My dad was diagnosed in December of 2015 with AML
anon997733 What are the Most Common MRI Side Effects? My husband went in for an MRI of his thoracic area
anon997732 What Are the Signs of Attachment Disorder in Adults? EMDR is an easy five minutes twice a day brain exe
anon997731 What is Clear Cell Carcinoma? What are the survival rates for clear cell cancer
anon997730 What Happened on February 20? Edward O'Hare became the first American Air Ace of
anon997726 What Is a Uterus Cleaning? My mom is 44 years old. She has heavy bleeding dur
ambitiousIV What is Hitchhiker's Thumb? Has it ever been noted if Japanese, Korean, and Na
anon997721 What are Charcoal Biscuits? Did people eat these biscuits during the war? A gu
anon997720 What is a Pacemaker Interrogation? A few things: pacemakers and defibrillators are al
anon997718 What Are the Symptoms of Trazodone Withdrawal? I tapered off of 50mg trazodone (occas 100mg). I w
anon997716 What Is a Douche Toilet? I got my bidet hoping it would allow me to clean m
anon997715 Do Most European Countries Drive on the Right-Hand Side of the Road? India drives on the left hand side.
anon997711 What is the Restaurant Industry? Wrong, wrong, wrong. The official name of the indu
anon997707 What is Kalonji? According to Muslim belief it can cure any disease
anon997706 What is Cystine? So much for TBX to quit smoking.
anon997705 What is Concern Trolling? "he or she uses concern trolling to sow doubt
anon997703 What is Electromagnetic Energy? Plain and simple: Light has no mass in itself beca
dimchild Do Most European Countries Drive on the Right-Hand Side of the Road? Nigeria did exactly the same in, I think, 1973.
anon997701 What is Thermoplastic? What kind of polymer are Littlest Pet Shop toys ma
anon997699 Do Most European Countries Drive on the Right-Hand Side of the Road? I am one of your most assiduous readers.Please con
anon997697 What is the Difference Between Ephedra and Ephedrine? Bull crap. Eery diet pill used to have ephedrine i
dimchild Did Anne Frank’s Family Try to Leave Europe during WWII? sad
anon997693 What is Contract Manufacturing? We are creating an OTC topical product and the con
anon997692 What is the International Date Line? I am not sure, but I was told that Russia has seve
activemoms What is a Sterile Bandage? So, once the bleeding is stopped, and the wound is
anon997689 What is Ear Eczema? So far I am self diagnosed with ear canal eczema,