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anon991948 Which are the Oldest Religions in the World? I wrote a book in which I said that my ancestor wa
Arcoh What are Personal Development Skills? In the paragraph on positive thinking, the author
DerekWiner How do I Treat Boils and Carbuncles? Yes, tea tree oil! Yes!I have an acute chalazion.
anon991937 What is Genophobia? After reading this, I think I might have Genophobi
anon991936 How Hard Do Woodpeckers Peck? How interesting.Once, while vacationing with my fa
anon991935 What is a Butter Knife? I have just bought a little butter knife in an ant
anon991933 What is the Origin of Crossing Your Fingers for Luck? @ Yasmina: That is actually the origin of flipping
anon991931 What Is an Anonymous Forum? Being able to do something on the internet without
anon991930 What is the Prognosis of Glioblastoma? @anon282395: Thank you for your post. I agree wit
anon991929 What is Antibody M? I have just been in hospital and been told to carr
anon991928 How do I Choose the Best Crystal Nail File? To Rundocure. They do make nails more healthy, I s
anon991927 What is the 5-Day Miracle Diet? My wife and I have been on this "diet" f
anon991926 What is Multiple Personality Disorder? I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 1
anon991925 What is Dream Whip? In Florida, I found Dream Whip at Walmart, baking
anon991924 What is Plumber's Putty? Can I seal a small gap in the roof with plumbers p
anon991923 How can I Induce Lactation? I am not pregnant. I was pumping my nipples and on
anon991919 What are the Most Common Bupropion Side Effects? As per a website, the side effects are anxiety, tr
anon991917 How do I get Caregiver Training? I am interested to train as a care giver in Manche
anon991915 How can I Relieve a Charley Horse? This will sound really weird but I have a friend w
anon991913 What is a Wheal and Flare Reaction? A wheal and flare reaction is the type of reaction
anon991912 What Is the Self-Esteem Movement? The self-esteem movement began in the 1970's not 8
anon991907 What are the Different Types of Melons? Can these watermelons be grown in Africa, for exam
alexray29 How Do I Choose the Best Open Source Collaboration Software? Best way to choose a Team Collaboration Software i
anon991904 What Are the Benefits of Using Cocoa Butter on Hair? I've used it to press my hair and it left it extra
anon991903 How Do I Choose the Best Eyelash Brush? Use a metal teeth brush for separating lashes that
anon991902 What is a Ward of the State? I was a ward of the state for a while and I want t
anon991901 What Are the Treatments for Vagus Nerve Disorders? Benzodiazepines destroy the vagus nerve, brain, sp
anon991900 How do I Determine my Body Shape? My measurements are 30-23.5-34.5 and I've been tol
anon991899 What are the Different Types of Eyeglass Lenses? Yes! Most anti-reflective products have a scratch
anon991898 What Are the Effects of Hard Water on Hair? Trueblissbaby has a great clarifying shampoo that