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anon994475 Who Are the Worst Drivers in the United States? The worst drivers stalk my wife because no matter
nanalady97 What Are the Side Effects of CT Scans? I had a CT scan with no during the afternoon yeste
anon994472 What are Caperberries? Lidl sells them in the UK.
anon994471 How Much Money Per Day does the Average Person Live on? @anon959161: You are so right!
anon994470 What is Lateral Flexion? I really enjoy laterally flexing in the morning. A
anon994468 Who Are the Worst Drivers in the United States? Snowbirds in Florida.
anon994467 What is an Impeller? After a lot of study and looking on the internet f
anon994466 What Is Raw Cocoa Butter? As for the last paragraph which states... "So
anon994465 What are Some Household Uses of Ammonia? Can you use ammonia instead of petrol?
debdut22 What is Data Entry? Data entry is the crappiest job in the whole unive
kennethgass What Were the First Animals to Walk on Land? The question asked is "What were the first an
anon994460 What Unusual Dangers Did US Troops Face in Vietnam? The statistics (roughly) are that about 51,000 US
anon994457 What is Pott's Disease? Proper treatment is necessary in the initial stage
anon994456 What Causes my Mouth to Shed Skin? I'm betting it's your toothpaste. Are you using Cr
anon994455 What is a Utility Easement? I don't know if this discussion is still current,
anon994454 What is the Chronovisor? I saw that image of Jesus Christ, but where are th
anon994453 How Effective Is Dexamethasone for Nausea? Very much enjoy your post. Clearly written and und
anon994451 What Is the Interaction between Tramadol and Hydrocodone? Doctors throw up the "T" sign (usually u
arodicus Will Walking Help Me Lose Weight? One hour plus 15 minutes of brisk walking about 12
anon994442 What is a Check Cashing Service? Thanks for helping me understand what a check cash
anon994437 What is a Kitchen Steward? It's true about the breaks. Well said, Most of the
anon994434 What is a Salt Lamp? I bought a salt lamp on a Friday night and plugged
anon994433 How Contaminated Are Rio De Janeiro's Beaches? Why would the Olympic Committee ever agree to have
anon994432 What is a Unicellular Organism? Can anyone help me? What do unicellular organisms
anon994428 What is Eagle Syndrome? I have it as well and have been waiting for almost
anon994423 Is It Safe to Have an MRI with a Stent? What about a person who has six stents, drug-eludi
anon994422 What is Naptha? Can naphtha be used for magic purposes?
anon994421 Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa the Only Famous Building on a Slant? My personal favorite: “The leaning tower of Delf
anon994420 What is Vegenaise&Reg;? Is Vegenaise healthier? Well some studies seem t
anon994419 What is Vegenaise&Reg;? I love it. Tastes just like the homemade mayonnai