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anon999072 What is Hot Tub Lung? I had hot tub lung and I did shower every time but
anon999070 What are Fruit Flies and Where do They Come from? Cheap red wine and it doesn't need a cover put out
anon999069 What Is the Difference between Syntax and Morphology? Shouldn't it be, "I will be going to shop tom
anon999068 Why Are Australians Being Told to Eat Kangaroo Meat? I read them all. This is my first time commenting.
anon999066 What is a Hypnic Jerk? I am 59 and want to ask a question about hypnic je
anon999062 Why is It Considered Bad Luck to Walk Under a Ladder? What is your source for claiming early Christians
anon999060 What Is a Tamper Proof Screwdriver? Thank you so much! No one else explains this termi
anon999058 Which Foods are Good Sources of Vitamin B? Being vegan myself, I can tell you from first hand
anon999057 What Are the Symptoms of Aspiration Pneumonia? I have a pegtube in me since Aug. of this year, ho
anon999056 What Is the Connection between Prednisone and Hair Loss? I started with 80mcg a day for kidney disease. Hav
charlesberry How do I Save Streaming Media? Thank you for these instructions, really helpful!
charlesberry How do I Download Streaming Media? Thanks for taking the time for making this tutoria
anon999053 What Causes Itchy Gums? Oil pulling does help. You can use any type of re
anon999052 What does It Mean to "Split the Baby"? This story is not open to interpretation. It is n
anon999051 What is the Most Humane Way to Euthanize a Fish? I wanted to thank you. My goldfish probably had a
anon999048 What are the Most Common Causes of Small Intestine Bleeding? I am 40 years old with a rare heart disorder. I ju
anon999042 What is Lymphatic Drainage? I have swollen (tennis ball size) supraclavicular
anon999041 What is Ejaculation After Vasectomy Like? I had it done in 1995 and I and had no problems. A
anon999040 What Is the Cinderella Complex? There is some contention about whether this comple
anon999038 What is a CrèMe Brulee Torch? Does anyone know what torch Alton Brown uses?
anon999036 How Many Men Unknowingly Raise Children Who Aren't Their Own? Notice how none of the women's groups brings this
anon999034 What is Roid Rage? Steroids when taken moderately do not create "
anon999031 How can I Relieve Gout Swelling? I have soaked my foot. I've tried baking soda, asp
anon999029 How Far from the Earth is the International Space Station? How ridiculous - the naked eye can not see a large
dakota4x4 What is Community Service? I live in a town of 300 people. I noticed a cop co
anon999025 What is Religious Pluralism? Religious pluralism may also be the view that all
anon999024 What is a Psoas Abscess? I've been diagnosed with Pott's disease with psoas
anon999022 What is the Difference Between a Moron, Imbecile and Idiot? So when Tillerson called POTUS a moron,it was a co
ame133 What Are the Different Types of Parts Degreaser? Trisodium phosphate can serve as a food additive (
anon999020 What is Hospital Psychosis? I had it bad after 6 weeks in intensive care. I im