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anon999926 Does Caffeine Really Enhance Memory? I do have a friend who has to drink a mug of coff
anon999925 What is the Controversy Around Cochlear Implants? I have read many comments. If possible, would some
anon999923 Who Invented Computer Programming? What was the computer programming? Is there a samp
anon999922 What does a Director of Marketing do? I am a young woman who is struggling with finding
anon999920 How does Congress Override a Presidential Veto? Crispety - actually the Supreme Court is the one c
anon999918 How does Congress Override a Presidential Veto? The Supreme Court never gets directly involved in
lucastietjen How do I Choose the Best Car Shipping Company? Completely agree with your stated points. It is ve
anon999914 How do I Choose the Best Car Shipping Company? One of the best places to find the transportation
jessiwan What is Racism? My problem with racism is that, for a white person
YesSuccess What Is Baked Eyeshadow? Can baked eyeshadow cause corneal irritation and i
anon999909 What is the Sword of Damocles? @Envelope1, you're also missing the fact that the
jessiwan How do I Become an Alpha Male? To me, a true alpha male should be kind and compas
anon999906 What is the Difference Between a Jail and a Prison? Anon22999, it took me 5 minutes to get this info o
jessiwan What Is Considered a High IQ? It seems to me that many people with high IQ fail
jessiwan What is a Double Entendre? Double entendres do not necessarily have to be sex
anon999902 What are the Pros and Cons of Requiring School Uniforms? To those that claim uniforms reduce the individual
anon999900 What is Differential Fluid? Two years or every 30,000 miles.
jessiwan Should I Say "Jew" or "Jewish"? Having read through the comment section, where the
jessiwan What is the Best Way to Learn a Language? I feel that learning to speak a new language is sl
anon999892 How Long Can a Fish Live out of Water? I cleaned a bunch of crappie when I was a kid in S
anon999891 What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethanol Fuel? I drive a nice big Tahoe with a strong 5.3L V8. I
coteolivia What Does a Roof Inspector Do? Wow. Amazing blog shared. It is very helpful and i
erikaann6 How Do I Become an SEO Professional? It is true that SEO is relatively a new field and
anon999882 Why is New Orleans Called "the Big Easy"? For me, the bigger question is why they call it No
anon999881 How Did the U.S. Air Force Test the Ejector Seats in Supersonic Jets? So what happened to the innocent bears?
anon999879 How Sensitive Is the Brain to Pain? Thank you for a rather concise analogy of this mos
anon999878 Why are the Back Teeth Called "Wisdom Teeth"? How many people don't come out of wisdom teeth rem
anon999874 What are the Pros and Cons of Liquid Amoxicillin? Your post is incorrect in that it says the liquid
anon999868 What is a Supertaster? I have responded to questionnaires in the past an
anon999867 What is a Cyst? I would suggest to anyone with a lump, etc., pleas