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anon997294 What is Sunflower Lecithin? I have a sunflower lecithin allergy, I get a reall
anon997292 What is an Epistolary Novel? The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis is another gr
anon997291 What Are the Pros and Cons of Fallopian Tube Removal? That menopause factor isn't true unless you have y
anon997288 What is a Neck Cyst? I had my thyroid duct removed 20 years ago and I h
anon997287 What Is Halal Bacon? Eat proper bacon, not fake stuff. And why would mu
anon997283 Is It True You Cannot Have Flat Feet in the Military? I'm in the US Army Infantry. My arches fell 15 ye
anon997279 How Long will the Universe Last? Matter and energy are interchangeable if you know
anon997276 What is an Overhead Projector? Anon 57653 You are looking for an Opaque Projector
anon997275 Can Your DNA Change During Your Life? Fascinating! I am learning about epigenetics in co
anon997274 What Is the Connection between Narcissism and Cheating? I agree that if you plan to stay with a cheater do
anon997273 Why Were Mongooses Introduced to Hawaii? Humans are the quintessential invasive species. In
anon997268 Do All Monkeys Love Eating Bananas? You can't peel a banana incorrectly as there are n
anon997267 What Are the Benefits of Pomegranate Leaf? Forget the flavor, and think about what it will be
anon997265 What are the Dangers of Lipomas? Hi guys,So this is the first time I'm posting on o
anon997262 What is a Steering Brake? Not so good: With a steering brake you can turn on
anon997256 What's the Loneliest Town on Earth? Therapeutic pools have re-opened, some being the o
TwinChemical What is Aluminium Chlorohydrate? ACH is short for Aluminium chlorohydrate, and it h
anon997252 What is MariEL? Does anyone still do this work? I was a kid and ha
anon997251 What is French Terry? French terry robes are looped on the inside like a
moosh What Are the Effects of Sulfuric Acid? I've had sulfuric acid poisoning for the last 10 m
anon997249 What are the Different Types of Rug Backing? I also just installed vinyl floors and have read t
anon997248 Has It Been Proven That a Vegetarian Diet is Really Healthier? For the person who has never met a rational vegan,
katy1981 How do I Choose the Best Chronic Prostatitis Treatment? I've been sick with prostatitisl I have changed ma
anon997245 What is a Chiclet Keyboard? I'm going to disagree with the previous posters.
anon997244 What Is Periodic Breathing? A CPAP does not stream oxygen through the airways.
anon997241 What is Alkaline Water? Are there any studies done that we look at?
anon997240 What is a Mezzo Soprano? While this is a good general explanation, and the
anon997239 What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin? Olive oil is drying, and that's why using it on ac
anon997238 What are Scallops? Where would I find common scallops?
anon997236 What Is the Age of Jackson? This site was very resourceful and I like it very