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anon989256 What Is Splenic Flexure Syndrome? I just found out about this now, after suffering f
anon989254 What Are the Most Common Cortisone Injection Reactions? Five months after my injection in my wrist, I am g
anon989253 What Are the Symptoms of Salt Poisoning? Pink himalayan salt= good.Table salt is a chemical
eltico814 What Are the Differences Between Fruits and Vegetables? @anon270710: Nope, anon214750 got that 100 percent
anon989250 What Is Dried Shrimp? I bought some cooked shrimp and it didn't have an
anon989240 What Is a DOS Printer? A true DOS printer cannot be USB because USB ports
anon989239 How Effective Is Papaya for Cancer? Come on man wake up. Question why would doctors w
anon989234 What is a Vaishya? This helped me to understand more about what we're
anon989233 What is Brucellosis? The cure for this disease (largely accepted as a p
AkSenior What Is the ACS (American Community Survey)? I keep seeing posts that ask what the fuss and ref
AkSenior What Is the ACS (American Community Survey)? I am another recipient of the ACS long form. I fil
jmvh75 What is a Brain Stem Tumor? My name is John-Michael and I know someone who has
anon989223 How Long Do Pacemaker Batteries Last? Has anyone ever heard of someone who can feel the
anon989222 What Are the Causes of a Dry Hacking Cough? Wouldn't a dry cough caused by lisinopril have beg
anon989221 What Are the Different Types of Banking Transactions? What type of transactions must be in person?
anon989219 What Is the Nutritional Value of a Hard-Boiled Egg? So much indoctrination, which leads to bad diet ha
anon989218 Who were the Podg├│rski Sisters? Thank you for this story. Just to underline one ve
anon989217 What Is a Bridge Rectifier? I am trying to drive a couple of 12 V LED lights o
anon989216 What Is No-Deductible Health Insurance? We are all being forced into deductible health ins
anon989215 What are the Health Benefits of Prune Juice? I am drinking prune juice and enjoying it. I have
anon989212 What Is Ectrodactyly? My daughter is an ectrodactyly with two fingers on
anon989211 How Can I Get Free Dental Emergency Care? I need to have my crown put back on one tooth. I h
anon989205 What Are the Worst Foods for Flatulence? Cheese contains very little lactose, which is why
percy12334 What Is the Relationship Between GDP and Inflation? Well sandrews, it is quite simple really.First of
anon989194 What is Escargot? This dish looks appetizing, but I would feel very
anon989192 What Are the Treatments for Loose Teeth in Adults? It's all the chemicals in our foods that eat our t
anon989191 What Is Corneal Scarring? I have been told by my eye doctor that I have a sc
anon989190 What is Internal Scar Tissue? For those of you who are having pain similar to ga
yanesacarlo What Is an Ultrasonic Nebulizer? The ultrasonic nebulizer is good, but it is hard t
anon989186 What are the Advantages of Plastic Wine Corks? But you don't say how to recycle plastic wine cork