What are the Longest Left Handed Keyboard Words?

Left handed and right-handed words are based on using correct typing form.
Typing some words on the keyboard requires more dexterity than others.
The word "cabbages" is one of the longest left handed keyboard words.
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The modern keyboard includes a jumbled arrangement of letters. This arrangement is often referred to as "QWERTY" since that the order of the first six letter keys on the upper-left of the keyboard. The fingers of the left hand are intended to be placed on the A S D and F. This positioning assigns the left hand to all of the following letters: Q W E R T A S D F G Z X C V B. These letters can be used to spell a variety of long words including:

  • abracadabra
  • aftereffects
  • aftertastes
  • afterwards
  • cabbages
  • crabgrasses
  • databases
  • desegregated
  • gazettes
  • readdressed
  • reverberated
  • stagecraft
  • steadfast
  • stewardesses
  • sweetbreads
  • tradecrafts
  • vertebrates
  • wastewaters
  • watercrafts
  • watercress

Who cares? In addition to being fun to type, this interesting keyboard oddity can have the following benefit: since most right handed people use their right hand for a pointing device (mouse, touchpad etc.), their left hand is free to remain on the keyboard when doing computer tasks. This makes the list above a great list to use when choosing usernames or passwords - remember to always inject a few numbers into your passwords to prevent them from being 'cracked'. Note that the five numbers 1 2 3 4 5 accessible by the left hand are a perfect accompaniment to left-handed usernames/passwords. Before selecting a password, however, you may want to read this excellent guide on choosing passwords.

There are fewer long right-handed keyboard words. Right-handed keyboard words can only include the following letters: Y U I O P H J K L N M:

  • hokypoky
  • lollipop
  • minimill
  • monohull
  • monopoly
  • polyphony


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Post 13

"Scarface" is one.

Post 12

Million for the right handers.

Post 11

garage, average, lefty.

Post 10

Exaggerated, exaggerates, etc. Eleven each.

Also, "et cetera" is 8. Not bad!

Post 9

safeway is not a word that can be typed with just the left hand. The "Y" requires the index finger of the right hand, is typed correctly.

Post 7

Afterwards, a few exacerbated stewardesses ate a few sweet watercresses.

Post 6

vasa recta

Post 5


Post 4

safeway requires the right hand for that pesky Y.

Post 3

safeway is another lefty.

Post 2

Other good one's are "exacerbated" (11) for the left and "monophony" (9) for the right.

Post 1

"DESECRATED" is a pretty decent ten letter word for the lefties.... ;)

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