What are the Different Types of Storage Cabinets?

Kitchen storage cabinets are useful for holding silverware and small kitchen supplies.
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Storage cabinets come in a variety of designs and configurations depending on their intended use. In addition to modular storage cabinets, you can also purchase or create custom cabinets to meet your precise needs and the dimensions of the space. In general, storage cabinets are designed to efficiently and safely store materials ranging from kitchen knives to files, and when possible you should seek out a storage cabinet designed specifically for the purpose you intend to use it for.

Storage cabinets for the bathroom are usually made from durable, water resistant materials which are often painted or varnished. Bathroom cabinets for the wall tend to be shallow, so that people can easily access things stored inside, and the door may be covered in a mirror. Cabinets designed for larger bathroom supplies like towels, hair care tools, toilet paper, and other bathroom products are much larger, and often come with shelves on the bottom and drawers on the top. Drawers in a storage cabinet keep small items consolidated and reduce the risk of loss, while shelves can be used for bulky items.


In the kitchen, storage cabinets come with a mixture of shelves and drawers. Drawers are useful for kitchen implements, silverware, kitchen linens, knife racks, and other small kitchen supplies. Shelves allow cooks to store pots and pans, plates, baking ware, storage containers, appliances such as blenders, and other bulky items. Because a kitchen often contains a plethora of supplies, ample kitchen storage cabinets are always advised. If you have an opportunity to remodel or build a kitchen from scratch, always put in more storage cabinets than you think you will need.

Offices also benefit from storage cabinets. Files can be stored in lateral or hanging cabinets, depending on which design is best suited, and other office supplies can be kept in drawers or on shelves as well. In a well-organized office, it is easy and intuitive to find things in storage cabinets, which are often built somewhat shallowly so that things will not be pushed to the back and lost. Many office storage cabinets come with locks which secure confidential or sensitive material.

Other storage cabinets are designed for use in the bedroom, living room, laundry room, and workshop. Depending on what is being stored and how accessible you need it to be, you can select the best storage cabinet for your needs. Ideally, a storage cabinet will be deep enough to store the largest items, but not so large that things will be mislaid. Labeling storage cabinets can also help keep track of items stored in them, ensuring that everything needed will be ready to hand. Cabinets can come with drawers, bins, or shelves, and can be designed to roll, stack, or rotate, meaning that the perfect cabinet can be found for every situation.


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