What Are the Different Types of Smoking Supplies?

A lighter.
A cigarette and ashtray.
Some smokers like to use rolling papers to make their own cigarettes.
Pipes may be used to smoke pipe tobacco.
All types of smoking supplies, especially the product itself, can be expensive and destructive to one's health.
Light cigarettes have white filters, while regular cigarettes have tan filters.
Smoking supplies may include rolling paper.
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The main types of smoking supplies include the tobacco or other product plus something to light the smoke. Smoking products such as cigarettes and cigars may be sold ready made; if not, other supplies such as rolling papers are needed. Although smoking tobacco cigarettes and cigars is legal for persons reaching the age of consent in many places all over the world, the dangerous health risks such as cancer from doing this are considered to be possible side effects. Marijuana smoking is illegal in most parts of the world as it's also associated with unhealthy side effects, but it may be legal for medical use in some countries. Marijuana smoking supplies include rolling papers, lighters or matching and a clip to hold the end of the cigarette, or joint.

Common smoking supplies for all types of products include ashtrays. Due to the well-documented harmful effects of smoke on others in a room rather than just smokers, ashtrays designed to draw it in and reduce it are available. These products are usually sold as "smokeless ashtrays." Smokeless ashtrays vary in the way they work, or don't, in some cases.


Many people who purchase smokeless ashtrays aren't satisfied that enough smoke is being drawn into the machines. Other smokers do find that smokeless ashtrays function effectively to reduce some of their smoke. Many smokeless ashtrays are noisy due to loud motors. Smokeless ashtray variations with filters may control smoke best, yet the filter changing procedure is often difficult to do correctly.

Lighters are popular types of smoking supplies, as a flick of the thumb often creates a light. If a cigarette lighter isn't used, it takes two hands and possibly several strikes to get matches lit. Lighters are available in inexpensive ones with plastic cases as well as expensive sterling silver types suitable for engraving for gifts.

Pipes are used to smoke pipe tobacco. They are hand-held with a stem that ends in a bowl to hold the tobacco. Bongs are water pipes that are sometimes used for smoking supplies for tobacco, but more commonly for marijuana.

For tobacco sold in pouch-like packages rather than ready made cigarettes or cigars, rolling papers are other smoking supplies that are needed. Rolling papers that are sold in packages are also used to make marijuana cigarettes, or joints. Tobacco or marijuana is placed in a line in the paper's folded center before it's rolled up. The ends of the paper cigarette are typically twisted to help hold in the contents. When a marijuana joint burns down to the end, a metal holder called a roach clip is often used to avoid burning the fingers.

All types of smoking products can cause discoloration of the fingers as well as the teeth. Chronic bad breath is another common side effect of all types of smoking. Marijuana, cigar and cigarette smoking all leave strong odors in the mouth and on clothing. All types of smoking supplies, especially the product itself, can be very expensive and destructive to personal finances as well as one's health.


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