What Are the Different Types of Smoking Cessation Aids?

Some people have used ginseng to help themselves quite smoking.
Nicotine gums and patches release a small dose of nicotine into the body with the goal of curbing a smoker's craving for cigarettes.
Some smokers who want to kick the habit turn to self-hypnosis and visualization techniques.
Nicotine patches can be a safer alternative to cigarettes.
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There are many types of smoking cessation aids, including nicotine replacement therapies, prescription medications, and other natural options. Some people find that one product will help them. Others will use a few different smoking cessation products before finding the right one.

Nicotine replacement therapy can be a great help to stop smoking. These options may be some of the most popular smoking cessation aids. Many people chew nicotine gum that will allow a specific dose of nicotine into the body to help curb the urge to smoke cigarettes. A nicotine patch acts in a similar way. The patch is placed on the skin to allow small amounts of nicotine to be released.

Another nicotine replacement therapy aid is electronic cigarettes. These smoking cessation aids are similar to the patch and gum. The user inhales nicotine to help with the physical cravings. The amount of nicotine lessens as the body stops needing it. The electronic cigarette resembles a real cigarette, but is smokeless.

Prescription medications are often used as smoking cessation aids. The medication does have to be prescribed by a doctor and filled at a pharmacy. These medications are designed to help with the physical withdrawal from nicotine. It is up to the prescribing doctor to decide for how long patients use the medication.


There are some natural smoking cessation aids such as acupuncture, hypnosis, and herbs. Acupuncture is a Chinese remedy where needles are placed in the skin at specific points of the body. This has been known to help with addictions. Hypnosis is when a hypnotist puts a person under an altered state of mind and discusses the need to quit smoking during that time.

Herbs such as Korean ginseng have been known to help people with stress so that it becomes easier to quit smoking. Other herbs that may be helpful in the process of quitting are avena sativa, mimosa tea, and valerian. These herbs can be purchased at health stores and may be a safe option for those who want to stop smoking.

It is important for people using smoking cessation aids to want to quit smoking for themselves and for their loved ones. Smoking aids will work best when there is a good support system for the person who is quitting smoking. Not smoking may improve a person's health and well-being.



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