What are the Different Types of Scabies Remedies?

An antibiotic may be prescribed to treat any infection that's caused by scratching the intense itch from a scabies infestation.
Scabies can be diagnosed by observing skin scrapings under a microscope.
Intense itching of the nipples could be a sign of scabies.
Intense penile itching may be due to scabies.
A physician can prescribe medication to eliminate a scabies infection, which may cause itching on the bottom of the feet.
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Scabies are microscopic mites that burrow into the skin close to the top layer. They cause relentless itching and skin rash similar to pimples. They are highly contagious and are spread anywhere in crowded conditions and when the infected person comes into close contact with another person. The different types of scabies remedies include prescription lotions, creams and pills. Permethrin is a common medication that is prescribed for application to the skin, and ivermectin pills are often prescribed to paralyze and kill scabies.

One of the symptoms associated with scabies is intense itching, especially at night. A “pimple” rash most likely will appear on places such as the wrist, elbow, armpit, waist, nipple, buttocks and between the fingers as well as on the penis in males. Babies and young children will experience the rash on the head, face, neck, palms and soles of the feet. Sometimes, grayish-white lines or burrows appear on the skin between fingers or skin folds.

The only effective and proven scabies remedies are those prescribed by physicians. Lotions and creams called scabicides are widely used scabies remedies. This medicine kills both mites and their eggs. The most common medication is called permethrin. Lindane is sometimes used as a secondary treatment but not for babies, pregnant women or the elderly.


These types of scabies remedies should be applied over all areas of the body, from the neck to the toes. Children require application to the head, as well. Everyone who has had close contact with an infected person should have treatment, and the treatment should be simultaneous so that a reinfestation does not occur.

Ivermectin pills are sometimes used to paralyze and kill scabies. Sometimes, an antibiotic is prescribed to treat any infection caused by scratching the intense itch from scabies infestation. Sulfur ointment is a less effective treatment and usually reserved to treat infants who cannot be treated with more powerful ointments or creams.

Moreover, all clothing, linens and bedding used by the infected person must be washed in very hot water and dried on high heat. Lice bedding spray can be used with caution on surfaces that can’t be washed. It also is important for a person with scabies to not have close or sexual contact with others until the condition is no longer present.

People at a high risk of developing scabies include those who work in or frequently visit hospitals, prisons and nursing homes. Children from developing countries and people living in crowded conditions are also at risk. Scabies are often diagnosed in young adults who are sexually active. Anyone having a compromised immune system is also vulnerable.

A physician can accurately diagnose scabies by examining a skin scraping under a microscope and identifying the mites themselves, their eggs or fecal matter. There are some instances when none of these are present after the skin scraping analysis, but scabies are still present. One of the many scabies remedies will then be necessary.


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