What Are the Different Types of Rose Trellis?

A red rose.
A yellow rose.
A bouquet of roses from a trellis.
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A trellis is a common type of climbing plant support, and there are a number of different types of rose trellises. Some are built out of metal, but many of these supports are constructed from weather-resistant wood. A rose trellis can either be purchased from a home improvement store or built. Espalier trellises and trellis panels are quite common, as are pergolas and arches.

Espalier refers to the art of training certain types of climbing plants, including roses, to attach and climb vertical surfaces like walls. An espalier rose trellis is a common, simple way to train roses to climb up an exterior wall. This type of trellis is usually very simple, consisting of thick, straight sticks that are typically arranged in a crisscross pattern, but fan shapes are common as well. The bottom sticks are usually driven into the ground, and the rest of the trellis is attached to an exterior wall. Space between the rose trellis and the wall is essential, because it allows air to circulate behind the trellis and keeps excess moisture in check.

Rose trellis panels are similar to espalier trellises. These are also often built out of wood arranged in a crisscross or lattice pattern. These panels, however, are often used as a fence, with tall beams supporting them on either side. Roses can be trained to climb these panels, adding a splash of color to an otherwise simple privacy fence.


A pergola is sometimes referred to as a garden arbor, and this type of garden structure is often used as a passageway or short walkway, or to provide shade in a garden. These are usually constructed from wood. The roof of these structures is usually slatted, with horizontal rafters running at equal intervals across the top. Vertical posts are typically used for the sides of a pergola. Slats can be attached to the sides of a pergola to serve as a rose trellis, or climbing plants can be trained to grow up the supporting posts. Certain types of climbing roses, such as rambler roses, can grow long enough to drape over the roof of the structure.

An arch is another type of rose trellis very similar to a pergola, and often placed at the entrance to a garden. An arch, as its name suggests, usually has a curved top or roof, and it is commonly made from either metal or wood. A traditional garden arch often has two straight posts with a trellis attached on either side, and a curved roof with horizontal rafters sits on top of these. Much like a pergola, climbing roses and other plants can be trained to grow up the sides and drape over the top.


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