What Are the Different Types of Rail Tickets in Europe?

Trains connect most major urban areas throughout Europe.
Many of Europe's passenger trains travel into multiple countries.
Sweden is part of the Eurorail system.
The Eurorail extends into the Netherlands.
Someone traveling to many places in Europe might opt for a Eurorail global pass.
Traveling by train in Europe offers many options.
Hostels cost less money than hotels and often attract younger guests, who will most likely be sharing a room with other customers.
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Europe has a large network of railways that allow easy travel within a country or between neighboring countries. Choosing the right type of rail tickets for a person’s European trip is important, as traveling by train can be a budget-friendly option for those looking to travel to various locations throughout their stay. Eurorail global passes, flexipass, and country or regional passes are options for travelers. There is also a continuous pass and saverpass.

A Eurorail, also known as the Eurail, global pass is a great purchase for someone who is going to be traveling everyday. There are 15 day passes that allow a person to travel to 22 different countries, including Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Hungary, Slovenia, Netherlands, and Belgium are also in the Eurorail network. Some global passes also include ferry transport.

A flexipass is for travelers that would like to stay and explore each city or area they are in for a few days before traveling to their next destination. Flexipass rail tickets allow a person to travel a certain amount of days in a month-long period. The Balkan flexipass allows a person to travel for five, 10 or 15 days within a month between Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey and Macedonia. There is also a Eurorail and Swiss flexipass available.


Regional rail tickets allow a person to travel a certain amount of days within an allotted period of time to different parts of Europe. A person can buy a France and Spain, France and Italy, Austria and Germany, or a Hungary and Romania pass. There are many other regional options as well that allow a person to travel between neighboring countries. A Eurostar rail ticket, which allows travel between London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, is another type of regional pass. Country-specific rail tickets are available, but travelers should research the cost-effectiveness of purchasing a pass, and if the rail line will take them to their destination in a timely manner.

Continuous passes allow a traveler to visit three, four, or five different countries. The person can travel between five and 15 days within a two-month period. There are first class accommodations available, but there is not a senior discount for adults. Youth passes, for people age 12 to 25 years old, do not have a first class option.

A saverpass is a money saving option for a group of travelers with two to five people. There is only one ticket, and each member of the group’s name is printed on this pass. The group must travel together in order to use the rail tickets.


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