What Are the Different Types of Oreo® Desserts?

Oreo cookies are often used as a crust in desserts that mimic peanut butter cups.
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Oreo® cookies can be eaten as-is and used to make a variety of different homemade treats. Some of the most common types of Oreo® desserts include cakes and pies in which the cookies are used as a crust, topping, or ingredient. Shakes made with these popular cookies can be a fun way to cook with Oreos®, and there are several types of homemade candies in which they are one of the main ingredients.

Cakes of nearly any variety are a common dessert for special celebrations or an everyday treat, and are one of the most popular Oreo® desserts. These cream and chocolate cookies can be ground together with the batter or frosting of a cake, as well as crushed and stuck to the outside of one. When left whole, Oreos® can also be used to decorate a cake, and, when ground up and mixed with butter, they are considered to be one of the best ingredients for making a chocolate crust for cheesecake.


When it comes to pie, Oreos® can be used as a crust in the same manner that they would a cheesecake, including double-crust pies in which the filling is encased with ground Oreos® on the top and bottom. They are also ideal for Oreo® desserts that mimic peanut butter cup candies or mud pies. Whole or ground cookies can also be used as a layer inside a multi-layer pie, usually between other ingredients such as peanut butter sauce, caramel, or bananas. In addition to these types of desserts, a topping of whole, chopped, or crushed cookies is popular with nearly any type of chocolate pie.

One of the simplest types of desserts are milkshakes and malts. Oreos® can be added to nearly any type of ice cream shake or incorporated into a fruit drink to add a chocolate flavor. For a decadent Oreo® dessert, thicker malts or shakes can be eaten with the cookies themselves, much in the same way that a person would dip a cookie into a glass of cold milk.

Varieties of candies are some of the most unique types of desserts made with this popular cookie. One of the most basic Oreo® dessert recipes involves grinding up the cookies with cream cheese, forming the mixture into balls, and then dipping the balls into melted chocolate. Once chilled, this type of dessert mimics the taste and texture of truffles. Another simple type of Oreo® candy includes mixing large, broken cookies with melted chocolate and then allowing the mixture to harden, creating a bark-style candy. Both of these basic Oreo® desserts can have a variety of additional ingredients added to them for unique twist on these already distinctive treats.


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