What Are the Different Types of Online Graduate Degree Programs?

Online graduate degree programs might be tailored to fit in with a young professional's work schedule.
Numerous higher education institutions around the world run accredited online graduate programs.
Some online graduate degree programs may require limited classroom time as well.
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Thousands of online graduate degree programs are available throughout the world, ranging from business and engineering to nursing. Graduate degree programs are offered through universities across the globe, offering a chance for students to complete graduate classes with teachers and classmates from all walks of life. University instructors of online classes are often the same instructors — and have the same level of credentials — as those teaching the on-campus versions of similar graduate classes.

For business-minded students, popular online graduate degree programs focusing on business include master of business, master of marketing and master of management degrees. Other business-related offerings include human resources/employment relations, applied statistics and finance degrees. International components of many of these graduate-level business classes are also available online. For students seeking to excel in careers in the public sector, online graduate program offerings include community and economic development, master of public administration and project management.

Continuing degrees are typically highly valued in the education field and often lead to pay increases and even promotion opportunities. Online graduate degree programs in education include master degrees in adult education, educational leadership and educational technology. Programs focusing on curriculum and instruction include children's literature, earth sciences and art education. In the United States, a variety of master degrees are focused on homeland security, including information security and forensics. Other security-based degree options include agricultural biosecurity, geospatial intelligence and public health preparedness.


As the fields of engineering and technology continue to evolve, so do the types of education needed to be successful in the fields. A variety of online graduate degree programs focus on various aspects of engineering, including systems engineering. Other engineering degree options include nuclear engineering, software engineering and engineering management. Many graduate programs are also focused on technology, such as information systems, including information management, information technology and technology/innovation. Degrees in software engineering and information security are also available online.

Some online graduate degree programs are available in nursing, such as a master of science degree in nursing, a master of health degree in administration/health care education and a master in nursing/health care management. A variety of advanced degrees are available in other health care areas as well, including master degrees in general psychology, crisis management/response and program evaluation/research. There is also a master of arts degree in psychology and addiction counseling available online. Other fields of graduate-level study include criminal justice, sports management and supply chain management.


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