What are the Different Types of Garden Fountains?

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Garden fountains are marvelous additions that can serve as a centerpiece or atmospheric touch to any type of garden. Dating back thousands of years, the lure of decorative aquatic features has remained popular throughout much of human history. There are many different types of garden fountains available in a wide range styles and colors.

Wall-mounted garden fountains are an excellent choice for a small garden. These are typically vertical fountains that can be secured to a wall by means of hooks or screws. Some may have a large basin for water to trickle into, while others may have a narrow, flattened basin to minimize space used. These fountains typically require access to electricity in order to run.

A table fountain can make a lovely centerpiece for outdoor entertaining. These are generally small fountains that come in a variety of styles, though many popular models showcase an Asian-inspired aesthetic. Some may combine traditional fountain elements with sculpture or plant life, and others feature lighting and even soundscapes to accompany the flowing water. Tabletop garden fountains are usually fairly inexpensive and can be found at many home supply stores.


For a truly dramatic garden showpiece, a large garden fountain can be an exquisite choice. These spectacular features often display tiers of cascading water surrounded by a large pool. Some are large enough to use as habitats for aquatic animals like koi fish and turtles. These show-stopping garden fountains may be quite expensive to install and run, but provide a truly grand display. Many large garden fountains can be custom designed to suit the taste of the owner.

When considering garden fountains, the materials of the fountain may contribute to the style. Typically, the most inexpensive fountains are made of resin, which is durable, lightweight and can be crafted to resemble stone. Some make use of natural materials, such as river rocks and bamboo. Copper, brass, and bronze are popular choices for metalwork fountains, while some modern-art inspired versions use stainless steel. Ceramic, tile, and stone are excellent choices for larger or more grand, designs.

Garden fountains do not necessarily mean an increased power bill; many new models now rely on solar power to function. Solar garden fountains usually operate by attaching an energy-absorbing solar panel to the water pump system, enabling the fountain to work while in the sun. Many of these fountains require sunlight in order to work, but can provide considerable savings on utility bills.


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