What Are the Different Types of Educational Resources?

Reading books helps to improve one's speaking, writing, and listening.
Children can gain valuable life skills through participation in after-school sports programs.
A municipal parks and recreation department hosts different educational programs throughout the year.
Online resources may be used in addition to traditional learning tools in a classroom.
After-school programs allow kids to participate in activities like stargazing and astronomy.
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There are a wide variety of educational resources available for anyone who wishes to learn more about a particular subject. Teachers often use educational resources for professional development and as extra instruction for their students. Parents also provide their children with educational books to increase the child’s reading ability and to expand vocabulary levels. Students often need a variety of resources in order to complete projects for school. Some of the most common educational resources include educational workshops and conferences, after-school programs, videos, books, and the Internet.

Teachers often turn to educational workshops and conferences to expand their knowledge on the subjects that they teach. Many professional organizations offer conferences on at least a yearly basis where teachers can attend a variety of sessions related to his or her field. For example, the National Council of Teachers of English holds an annual conference in a different city each year for its members where teachers can attend sessions, participate in round-table discussions, and receive a wide variety of complementary materials and new instructional aids. Teachers are also able to network at these events in order to create educational partnerships and share best practices. There are also home school conventions held each year where parents can learn more about effectively teaching children in the home and new materials that are available.


After-school programs are also another form of educational resource. In the United States, for example, most counties within each state have a Parks and Recreation department that offers a variety of programs for all citizens. These programs include everything from sports to art classes, from stargazing to educational trips. Most classes include a small fee and change based on the season of the year. Some school systems even offer their own after-school programs for kids, from a homework club to a sports and recreation time.

Educational videos and programs on a wide variety of subjects can be both rented and purchased. Many teachers use videos in the classroom to provide their students with a visual and auditory experience to enhance what they have already learned in the classroom. Many channels on television also offer specialized programming in a wide range of subject areas. In addition, there are a number of Internet sites that offer educational videos for use both in and out of the classroom.

Books are the most common educational resource, as most people grow up with textbooks for each class and use books to research in the library. When children read books or have books read to them, they are able to improve their speaking, writing, and listening abilities. Fostering a love of books at an early age can help people to increase their literacy skills throughout their lifetime. Books can be found on practically any subject and in a variety of reading levels. The local library is a great place to find books that can be used as educational resources for people of all ages.

The Internet is an excellent source for a variety of educational resources, including e-books, videos, workshops, and more. Through the Internet, people can gain instant access to millions of different educational websites that are based from all over the globe. Videos are one of the most widely used educational resource found on the Internet, as they connect with several different types of learning styles. A simple online search can lead the user to a multitude of learning options.


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