What Are the Different Types of Designs for a Bedroom?

Platform beds are often incorporated into modern bedrooms.
Seashells can be used to decorate a tropical-styled bedroom.
Throw pillows may be used to decorate a bedroom.
A bedroom with a modern design features very clean lines and no clutter.
Floor lamps can be used in place of nightstands in small bedrooms.
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Some popular types of designs for a bedroom include Asian, traditional, modern, romantic and tropical. People with eclectic tastes often mix elements from several design types to create their favorite kind of space for sleeping and dreaming. Different types of designs for a bedroom could also include small space and budget-friendly ideas.

Budget-friendly bedroom designs are typically quite creative and unique as they often must incorporate different pieces of secondhand furniture. A main goal of designs for a bedroom on a budget is to make the room not look cheap or mismatched. Unification in the form of painting furniture the same color and/or using similar shapes or themes throughout the room can help achieve this goal.

Small bedrooms can be difficult to design, but the first place to start is with the bed. A bed in the best size for the room that is also attractive, such as one complete with throw pillows and a headboard, serves as a focal point in a small bedroom. A dresser, or chest of drawers, is often the next consideration, as all designs for a bedroom should include storage. Depending on the amount of space left for the dresser, it may be a tall narrow type rather than wide. Floor lamps and/or wall-attached bedside shelves may take the place of nightstands in designs for small bedrooms.


A tropical bedroom design may feature motifs such as palm leaves and/or seashells. Tropical designs for a bedroom should include natural, breezy looking furniture such as rattan or bamboo styles. Romantic bedroom designs often feature a four-poster bed. Flowers and soft, flowing fabrics are other typical design elements of romantic bedrooms. Some romantic bedroom looks include white lace or sheer window coverings over a tasteful blind.

Modern designs for bedrooms have clean-lined furniture styles as well as an overall clean look rather than one of detail or clutter. The color in modern rooms may be placed for impact rather than scattered around the bedroom. For instance, the wall behind the bed may be painted a bold color. Modern types of designs for a bedroom may include metal and glass furniture. Traditional bedroom furniture may include a brass bed or wooden dressers. Typically there is much more attention to detail in traditionally designed bedrooms than modern ones.

Asian-themed bedroom designs may involve the ancient Chinese design system of feng shui. Feng shui includes theories about furniture placement, materials and colors that will bring harmony to the home. In feng shui designs for bedrooms, calm neutral colors and varying degrees of light, including candlelight, are considered desirable, while having the bed in a direct line with the doorway should be avoided. Other types of Asian bedroom designs include beautiful textiles from India in a rich, elegant almost palatial style and Oriental styles that featured lacquered furniture as well as printed room divider screens.


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