What Are the Different Types of Computer Software Support?

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Computer software support is a type of ongoing client support that provides customers with assistance in making use of different types of computer programs. Typically, this type of activity will involve assisting clients with everything from choosing the right software for their needs, assisting with downloads and upgrades to certain applications, and in general being available to aid customers when something to do with the software causes concern or confusion. Computer software support is often provided by companies who produce and manufacture software products, but may also be managed in-house by an information technology team.

Several different strategies are commonly employed as part of an overall computer software support effort. Businesses will often make use of printed resources that come with the software to aid consumers in troubleshooting basic issues that may inhibit the proper function of the software. It is also common for software companies to include this type of information online, sometimes with visual presentations as well as step-by-step tutorials. As a final component, consumers will often have access to support personnel who are able to help with the issues that may arise.


The idea behind computer software support is to make sure that clients get the most from the software applications they choose to purchase. To this end, software manufacturers will typically provide easy access to support personnel who can aid in the installation and implementation of new programs. It is not unusual for a large manufacturer to create teams of people who focus on either business applications or software designed for home use. When and as customers have questions or operational issues with the software, they have the option of using tutorials or other resources on the manufacturer’s website to find the answers they seek, or to interact with support personnel via an online chat, email, or even by telephone.

Computer software support is also offered by the information technology teams within a work environment. Members of the team undergo instruction provided by software manufacturers to become proficient in dealing with any issues that can arise with different types of software. When this is the case, these certified experts can troubleshoot a software program, making it possible to keep the total amount of downtime incurred to a minimum and allow the employee to move forward with the tasks he or she has planned for the workday.


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