What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Tile for a Shower?

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There are many different types of bathroom tile for a shower. It is important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each specific type of tile when choosing bathroom tile for a shower, particularly if the tile will be used on the shower floor. Safety is a major concern, and using slick tiles can be somewhat dangerous. Other than safety and durability concerns, the types of bathroom tile for a shower are different primarily for aesthetic reasons. Designing the best shower using tile is therefore largely a matter of personal preference.

When choosing bathroom tile for a shower, both materials and color should be considered. Different materials will be appropriate for different households, but going bold within a budget is not a terrible thing. A bright bathroom can be wonderful for children, and a sophisticated bathroom can be impressive to guests. Patterning the shower tile in a way that fits the mood of the room is important for maintaining an appropriate atmosphere.

Among the different tile materials that can be used in showers, ceramic and glass tiles are very popular. Tiles made of linoleum, concrete, or stone can also be used. Specialty tiles might be made of different materials, such as resin or metal, but it is important to make sure that these items will stand up to the activities that take place in a shower. Frequent wetness as well as harsh washing can degrade some specialty tiles quickly.


In terms of design, there are many different types of bathroom tile for a shower. Many people choose large tiles because these are somewhat easier to install than smaller tiles. Often, people find that natural variegated colors look good in a shower, or plain white may be desired. Depending on the amount of skill someone has with tile, it may even be possible to make a complex mosaic in a shower.

Beyond color and material, there are also very unique tile types made specifically for showers. Some tiles change color in hot or cold water, and these look very interesting in a shower. It is also common to see tiles that are decorated with bath-themed images designed specifically for bathrooms and showers. Looking at bathroom tile specifically can help a person choose the best type of tile for a shower.

Usually, people use regular shapes like squares for shower tile, but some people choose more complex designs. Piecing together tile by hand can be extremely difficult, and it can be even more difficult if the shape is on multiple planes. A tile installation professional or a tile store may be able to suggest the best type of bathroom tile for a shower within a person's budget.


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