What Are the Different Types of Apple Salad?

Walnuts are a common ingredient in apple salads.
Many people like to use tart Granny Smith apples in apple salad.
Raisins are a common ingredient of Waldorf Salad.
Many people enjoy Red Delicious apples in salads because they are sweet, but they do tend to be a bit bland.
Fuji apples a great addition to salad.
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There are many different types of salads that use apple as the key ingredient. These variations include apple green or chopped salads, as well as creamy apple salads such as coleslaw or Waldorf salad and dessert apple salads. In addition, each form of apple salad can often be tailored to suit an individual's personal tastes.

Of the different types of apple salad, one of the easiest to make combines sliced or chopped apples with salad greens, such as spinach. The combination can be tossed with a light vinaigrette, or it can be mixed with toasted almonds or pine nuts, and crumbled cheese. Other ingredients that go well with an apple green salad include carrots, walnuts and dried fruit, such as raisins. Add chicken, turkey or tuna for an even heartier salad.

Apple slaw is a type of creamy apple salad that is similar to the coleslaw that is made with cabbage. There are two basic ways of making an apple slaw salad, with cabbage being the primary difference between them. The first variation is made similar to the popular traditional coleslaw that uses shredded green or red cabbage. Chopped apples, such as Fuji or Granny Smith apples, are mixed in with the cabbage in addition to mayonnaise or sour cream, and shredded carrots. Another more unique way to make an apple slaw is to peel, shred or slice the apple into thin strips and keep the other ingredients the same, with the exception of the shredded cabbage.


A Waldorf salad is a classic and well recognized type of salad that dates back to the turn of the 20th century. It is an example of a creamy type of apple salad because it combines chopped apples with a creamy dressing that's made with yogurt or mayonnaise. When making this type of salad, celery and walnuts are included. Fruits like raisins, cherries or grapes may also be added to the salad. Serve the completed salad on a top of salad greens or leaf lettuce.

Certain types of apple salad are ideally suited for dessert. These are often sweetened and may combine several different types of chopped apple with chunks of pineapple and its juice. The fruit can be mixed with whipped cream, cream cheese or, in some cases yogurt or sour cream may be used as a substitution. Dessert salads are typically served chilled and may also include nuts, raisins and celery.


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