What Are the Common Causes of Clear Semen?

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Semen typically has a gelatinous or sticky quality, but not always. If semen runs clear it is often a normal phenomenon, especially for younger males prior to or just entering puberty, whose sperm production is not fully in gear. Clear semen may also be common for people who frequently ejaculate over a short span of time or for those who masturbate excessively.

Over a longer period, however, uniformly clear semen could indicate other issues. Some of these difficulties include a lower sperm count or, at the least, a lesser chance that a sperm cell will make it to fertilize an egg. It still is possible, however, for sperm to reach an egg when the semen is clear, though sperm count is reduced.

For those trying to conceive a child, clear semen over long periods could indicate potential difficulties with fertilization. It is recommended they see a physician for urological testing if sperm does not regularly return to its normal sticky texture. It takes about five hours for sperm volume to recuperate after ejaculation, so masturbation also could be hindering chances for conception. It is advisable to abstain from masturbating when trying to conserve sperm to make a baby.


The causes of infertility in men are many, ranging from aging, hormone deficiencies, and genetic inheritance to illness, alcohol abuse and smoking. If semen runs clear for a year, and a couple is unable to conceive a child, it is possible the male — or female — is suffering from what is called primary infertility. Every month, a fertile and regularly sexual couple has about a 25 percent chance of becoming pregnant. If after a year that has not occurred, there may be a problem. A couple is said to be suffering second infertility if they have already conceived a child.

Urologists will run a semen analysis if a man is worried about his clear semen and a low sperm count. This test measure the population and vitality of his sperm. A thin texture to the semen is one potential indication of a low sperm count, particularly if it is ejaculated without its customarily coagulated consistency. The test still may be determine that, by volume, a man's sperm count is still viable. Normal sperm count is between 20 to 150 million sperm cells per milliliter (or 7 grams) of sperm. A doctor may urge a man with a low sperm count to change to a less acidic diet and abstain from masturbation, particularly if a baby is being planned.


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I have experienced this condition and I am considering setting up an appointment with a urologist. How do I find the best one?

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This is a problem that I have been having a lot lately. I am fine otherwise and I eat really well and exercise. I am really worried. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. There is not pain, but should I see a doctor?

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