What Are the Common Causes of Burning Semen?

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There are various causes of burning semen, including allergic reactions and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Allergic reactions can affect either a man and his own semen, or his female partner. Additionally, there are less common causes of burning semen, including penile irritation due to an injury.

When burning semen occurs as a result of semen touching an area of skin, this is known as a semen plasma allergy. It may lead to symptoms similar to any other allergic reaction, including burning or redness. It used to be thought that men could not have an allergy to their own semen, but this has been disproven. In some cases a man may feel burning or irritation upon ejaculation. A man's sexual partner may also have an allergy to his, or all, semen.

A semen protein allergy is relatively rare, although not unheard of. Treatments may be similar to other allergy treatments and aim to reduce irritation and discomfort. Women who have a reaction to their partner's semen should try to avoid contact with it through the use of condoms.


Another type of burning semen is a burning sensation directly after or even during ejaculation. This is typically caused by some form of irritation in the urethra or the head of the penis itself. Many times this irritation is caused by an STD, a other STD symptoms are also present. These can include unusual penile discharge, blisters, redness, pain during urination, and a foul odor. Trichomonaisis is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases which may be linked with burning semen.

Most STDs can be treated when detected early. Treatment may include medication and abstinence from sexual intercourse until treatment is complete. It is possible to be reinfected with most sexually transmitted infections. Condoms should be used for anyone who is not in a committed, monogamous, relationship.

Occasionally a burning sensation upon ejaculation may be caused by penile irritation or injury. Although irritation is also a factor in STD pain, urinary tract infections or even yeast infections can sometimes affect men as well as women. Medical treatment is generally needed to get rid of the infection. Injury to the penis can also lead to pain or burning during ejaculation, although pain is typically more consistent and obvious if the penis has been injured.


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Sperm burns because it is too alkaline. Nine times out of ten, also there is a prostate problem brewing. The male should eat flax seed oil, ginger, drink POM juice, green tea, drink tons of water. If the female changes partners, the problem usually will go away. For the guys, go see the doctor and get your prostate checked.

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