What Are the Best Ways to Store Boxes?

Cardboard boxes can be flattened after they're opened.
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The best ways to store boxes typically depends on the type of boxes being stored, the place they are being stored, and if they are filled while in storage. Cardboard boxes are typically best stored by flattening them and then either stacking them or storing them on their sides. When storing boxes in an outdoor area or a place that may be vulnerable to the elements, such as rain, they should be stored in a way that protects them from damage. To store boxes that have contents while in storage, it is often best to stack the boxes on top of each other in a way that prevents damage to the contents.

There are different methods that can be used to store boxes, typically depending on the materials from which the boxes are made. Cardboard boxes, for example, can be flattened by opening them, which may require cutting through tape. This makes storage much easier and allows the boxes to take up less space while in storage. To store boxes made of plastic, on the other hand, it is often easiest to simply stack the boxes together. Some storage systems are designed with boxes of different sizes, in which case someone can store the boxes inside of each other to require less space.


To store boxes outdoors, such as in a shed or detached garage, it is often best to consider potential sources of damage. Cardboard boxes should typically be stored off the ground; using a few wood planks to make a raised platform can prevent the boxes from water damage. This is especially important when someone wishes to store boxes outdoors that still have items inside of them.

The best way to store boxes that are still being used is typically to stack the boxes on top of each other. This should usually be done with the largest and heaviest boxes at the bottom, and successively lighter and smaller boxes on top of those. Heavier boxes on top of lighter boxes can lead to crushing and damage of the contents of the lighter box, and larger boxes on top of smaller boxes can result in the stack falling over. Plastic boxes are often designed with bottoms that can more easily stack on top of the lids of such boxes, making these boxes not only more durable than cardboard, but also easier to safely stack.


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