What are the Best Tips for Planning Romantic Getaways?

Sharing a bubble bath during a getaway might be romantic.
Beach vacations may be offered as affordable package deals during the off season.
A park or walking path can be a good place to hold hands and simply be together.
Choosing a quiet location for a romantic getaway may help a couple reconnect.
Some travel agents specialize in couple's travel, including booking a romantic destination.
Stargazing or going for a walk at night is a romantic activity.
Sharing a bottle of wine can make a getaway more romantic.
A fine dining restaurant may be part of a romantic getaway.
Some couples might enjoy a romantic getaway to a health spa.
Romantic getaways should be positively anticipated by both partners.
A romantic getaway doesn't have to be expensive.
Some hotels will place roses or chocolates in the room before arrival and add the fees to the room's bill.
Romantic getaways may include a romantic dinner.
Staying at a nice hotel is a good idea for a romantic getaway.
Choosing a beach-side resort with tasteful accommodations and fine-dining options works well for romantic retreats.
Setting a fire may create a romantic mood.
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One of the best tips for planning romantic getaways is to be sure that a specific advertised trip is one you and your partner really want to take. It can be easy to get swept up in a couples retreat promotion or a getaway priced really well. If your partner is bound to dislike something that is a main feature in the trip, such as skiing lessons or vegetarian spa food, it's best to avoid these getaways, however. Romantic getaways should be positively anticipated by both partners; this is not the time to try something questionable to either of you unless it's mutually agreed to embark on something really different.

An adventurous type of getaway can be romantic as long as both partners genuinely want to experience it. If one doesn't, what should be a fun, relaxing getaway together probably won't occur. Jeopardizing the relationship by forcing an adventurous trip isn't worth it; couples should plan these types of romantic getaways together until something can be agreed on. Choosing a beach-side resort with tasteful accommodation and fine dining is the type of romantic retreat that works well for most couples.


When booking a trip to celebrate a special anniversary, it's best to do this as far in advance as possible to make sure the exact date can be accommodated. Of course, traditional romantic dates such as Valentine's Day should also be booked for a getaway far in advance. Watching for Valentine's Day specials in travel sections of the newspaper up to several months ahead can be a great idea when planning romantic getaways. Since they are advertised in your local paper, the locations are likely to be able to be reached in a relatively short period of time. If you'd rather stay within your city, many Valentine's Day packages include reduced rates at a quality hotel plus a romantic dinner.

Especially if you're going to be spending a few days on the getaway with your partner, it's a good idea to consider things to do in the area that he or she will probably like. For instance, there may be a play being performed nearby written by a favorite playwright or a quaint park to go walking through while holding hands. Keeping everything relaxed, yet thoughtful is often a good frame of mind to have when planning romantic getaways. Give some thought to the traveling part of the romantic getaway when doing your planning and try to keep your partner's travel preferences in mind. For example, if he or she tends to get car sick, going by sea plane may be better, as well as more fun, since feeling like one is going to throw up isn't very romantic.


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