What Are the Best Tips for Personal Hygiene for Teenagers?

Many people choose to use body wash instead of soap for their personal hygiene.
A teen washing her hands.
Body odor often becomes much more noticeable during adolescence, so deodorant should be used.
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Puberty and the teenage years can be a trying time for young people. Their bodies go through significant physical changes, and they must adjust their lifestyle and daily routine to their development. One of the biggest issues during this period is personal hygiene for teenagers. Many teens will need to begin bathing more often, using acne control products and shaving. Female teens also will need to focus on specific feminine hygiene needs.

Overall cleanliness is an important facet of developing good personal hygiene for teenagers. Hormonal development will often cause teens to have problems with body odor or oily skin and hair. Bathing or showering daily with plenty of soap and shampoo can help alleviate some of these issues. Teens also may need to start using antiperspirants and deodorants to help prevent body odor. Parents should promote a daily routine that includes frequent washing and encourage their children to utilize hygiene products.

Teens with oily skin also may experience problems with unsightly acne. Left untreated, acne can produce facial pockmarks and scars that will last a lifetime. Teenagers can start acne treatment by cleansing their face each night with a soapy washcloth. They also may wish to use over-the-counter products that contain acne-fighting medications. Serious cases should be evaluated by a dermatologist, who can help guide patients to more effective acne-fighting treatments.


Shaving is another major issue of personal hygiene for teenagers. Many public and private schools prohibit facial hair for students, so most male teens will need to learn how to shave their face. In some cases, it may be easier for a teen to start with an electric razor that requires less preparation time and offers less chance for injury. Female teens have a number of options for removing unwanted hair from their legs and armpits, including razors, waxes and chemical hair removers.

Menstruation can be a challenging event for female teens. Teenage girls will need to learn how to use the various female hygiene products and find the best options for their particular body. Girls may be more comfortable seeking advice from their mother or other female role models in their lives. Doctors also can help with this and other issues of personal hygiene for teenagers. Many doctors keep on hand for their teenage patients literature that will help inform them about menstruation and other issues related to puberty.


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