What Are the Best Tips for Making Chopped Salad?

Chopped Greek salad with feta, olives, and romaine lettuce.
Salad greens.
Escarole is often included in chopped salads.
Chopped salad commonly features salad dressing.
A chef's knife may be used to quickly chop vegetables.
Pieces of salami are often added to a chopped salad.
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Making a chopped salad may be time consuming because the cook has to cut each vegetable into small, bite-sized pieces, but for many it's worth the effort. Using a chopper to make the salad makes the process quicker and easier for most. Sturdy vegetables also make preparing a chopped salad easier. Dressing is a key component of the chopped salad, too. A cook should avoid using too much dressing and should coat each part of the salad evenly.

It's very difficult to chop vegetables such as leafy greens into small, bite-sized pieces. One tip for making a chopped salad is to use sturdy greens, such as romaine lettuce or even iceberg lettuce. A cook can chop those greens without too much bruising or tearing.

For some people, using a chopper, which allows a person to push a number of vegetables through a grid of blades at one time, makes preparing a chopped salad a snap. The chopper cuts each vegetable to the same size, which improves the visual appeal of the salad. A cook with excellent knife skills won't need a chopper, though, and may even find it quicker to simply use a sharp chef's knife to chop the vegetables.


A chopped salad should be a mix of several different textures and tastes. Using vegetables that are extremely watery will make the texture of the salad soggy and generally unappetizing. As part of the chopping process, a cook should take out any watery parts from a vegetable. For example, she should remove the seeds from a cucumber or a tomato. Small, cherry tomatoes are preferable for a salad, because they are sturdier in texture than larger ones. Beans, cubes of cheese, and pieces of meat, such as bacon or salami, also belong in a chopped salad.

To prevent the salad from becoming soggy before it is consumed, a cook should store all the chopped vegetables separately. Carrots should go in one dish, tomatoes in another, and greens in a third, for example. Just before serving, the components can be mixed together.

Salad dressing is a key part of a chopped salad. It should be added just before serving to keep the flavor fresh and prevent the salad from becoming soggy. After mixing the vegetables together, the cook can add a tablespoon or so of the dressing to the salad in a large bowl. She can use a salad fork to stir and coat the vegetables. If the bowl has a lid, she can cover it and shake it to evenly distribute the dressing.


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